What if we replaced "Stay Safe" with "Stay Grounded"?

I can’t count the number of times someone told me to “Stay Safe” as we were finishing our interaction at the register or somewhere else in the store. They struck me funny, as they were usually preceded with episodes of forgotten phones and wallets, dropping items on the floor, etc.

It’s interesting — that language — isn’t it?

“Stay safe.”

It makes sense — we all are trying to figure out where our power begins and ends in regards to this situation.

⁉️ Where do we actually have a measure of control?

⁉️ Does it matter if we do all these things they’re telling us to do?

⁉️ Can we keep actually ourselves and our loved ones safe from the situation that’s going on around us?

Well, sure… we can practice good hygiene, double-down on our self-care and supplements, and practice self-distancing.

And all of those actions/habits will increase our immunity and chances of staying healthy.

And that’s all good…


After an hour of watching people behave the way we all do when we feel unsafe (scattered, dropping things, losing important items, making demands on their family members), I decided to shift the conversation to “STAY WELL.”

This morning, I thought…

What if we shifted the conversation and considered the possibility

And that we CAN increase that sense of safety by STAYING GROUNDED…

❤️ in the present moment

💖❤️  in our bodies (how many of you regularly check out of your body during stress? that’s definitely me!)

💖❤️ in the facts that our minds and bodies are powerful self-healing agents when given the proper nutrients and attention

💖❤️  in our relationships with loved ones and the people we pass at a safe distance in stores and on the street

💖❤️  in nature

Stay WELL, my friends.
Stay GROUNDED in what you know is true and what matters.
And… I would add…
Stay OPEN to the possibilities that our Co-Author has our back
and has already written in the right characters and plot twists for
a better ending than any news channel would ever cover.


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