Have you ever witnessed the metamorphosis of a butterfly? No, I’m not talking about what they taught you in elementary school – Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly – but what actually happens in-between each of those stages.

I spent a few weeks watching this miracle of nature with my son when he was a toddler. The experience of witnessing these in-between phases not only changed my life, showing me where I was not allowing the natural process of Life to happen in my own, but it catalyzed the journey of uncovering my Sacred Code and the framework that now guides my approach to every relationship and dream I devote myself to – as a mommy, wife, friend, entrepreneur, author, speaker, guide, and truth-seeker/messenger.

I call it The Butterfly Approach, and the more I work with people determined to change the world, the more obvious it becomes to me that the magic of the butterfly’s metamorphosis is one of the most powerful metaphors for the magic of the growth and evolution of the Soul, the Soul’s Purpose, and Life Itself.

The best way to understand this framework is to read one of my books, Upside-Down Messenger or Upside-Down Mommy.

If you want a sneak peek at it right now, below you will find the 7 Phases of The Butterfly Approach with some of the core concepts of the approach/philosophy highlighted.

As you step into your own journey, and possibly into this community, I’m certain you will find the understanding of these phases extremely valuable – maybe even life-changing – as you move toward your dream.

Before you read on, I should warn you that this approach is deeply spiritual, but not religious. It’s an approach… a set of principles… a paradigm… a new way of looking at our life experience that makes every possibility and every challenge a Divine Invitation and a Sacred Opportunity.

p.s. I use the words The Wind to allow you to insert your own particular path’s language [Higher Power, Creator, God, Universe, etc.], as I believe The Wind uses every path and every area of our lives to draw us toward our True Intention.

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