Amanda Johnson

Around here, they call me the Branding & Content Oracle.

If you’ve seen “The Matrix,” you know the Oracle was one of the most mysterious (and infuriating) characters.

She seemed to see and know things no one else could (yet), and yet she never gave too much away. People’s awareness and ownership of their purpose needed to unfold in its own time. So, she’d ask a poignant question or make a profound statement and then send them on their merry way. 

These are my superpowers, and you’ll love me and occasionally call me names under your breath for it, while I help you keep your brand and content in alignment with your true intention. 

Most people need more than a coach or strategist. They need someone willing and able to hang out and partner with them in the trenches of transformation and brand and content development.

So, when you don't see me out there in the world, chances are I'm in the trenches -- my own or someone else's.

Alyssa Headshot

Alyssa Coelho

My Design & Content Avatar is one of those rare individuals that appears to have mastered many “elements,” much like our favorite airbending character Aang. 

Alyssa preserves and expands the visual identity of True To Intention and Saved By Story Publishing. She's the genius behind this website and all of the social media design.

Like Aang, Alyssa is compelled to do her part to change the world, except she prefers writing and dancing over otter penguin-riding for fun, and double espressos over onion-banana juice for fuel.

When you finish your content here, she'll be waiting for you at Saved By Story Publishing to help you create the visual identity of your brand and message.


Aaron Johnson

Aaron is my Business Systems & Tech Wizard as well as my Growth Architect since he was in kindergarten.

Think Harry Potter, but replace the wand with a project plan, the invisible cloak with a keyboard, and the unnatural talent for magic with one for business growth and systems that will make your head spin when you find out how old he is. Oh, and instead of Hedwig the Owl, he’s got two loyal pups that keep him company while he solves big business, systems, and world problems.

He truly is, “The boy who made my life so much easier and more fun!”

He's the one working behind the scenes to help me grow this business responsibly, and the one you'll connect with when you have trouble with any of the technology we use.

When your content is done, he'll be waiting for you at Saved By Story Publishing to help you figure out the techy stuff involved at every stage of building your dreams.


Theddee Rheyeshelle

Theddee Rheyshelle is our resident Fairy Godmother because she's been bringing the magic to this community since she arrived and writing delicious books for children of all ages.

For more than a decade, she has been normalizing the upside-down for new clients, giving me huge doses of my own messenger medicine, and providing feedback on content when we need a fresh set of eyes.


Lori Giesey

Once you realize that writing a book requires you to form alliances between all the parts of you that are acting like characters in a Hunger Game, you will be so thrilled to have this Accountability Ally by your side. Katniss has nothing on her when it comes to encouragement, determination, and feist.


Karlyn Pleasants

A lifelong avid reader and professional medicine woman, her experience with the human spirit and underworlds helps us all expand our perspective and witness and heal more of our st*ry. When your content is done, she’ll be waiting at Saved By Story Publishing to add even more dimension to your characters and conflicts, magic to your settings, and expanded vision to your quest.


Marlia Cochran

This Marketing Morpheus loves playing outside the matrix of the “all you gotta do” formulas and offering those red (reality) pills when messengers are ready. That’s where it stops though. Instead of serious, we get sarcastic; and instead of riddles, we get giggles. When your content is ready, she will be a key part of your marketing and launch process over at Saved By Story Publishing.


Ciara Gutierrez

This Media Midas turns hours of mediocre content into minutes of promotional gold. With her unique combination of storytelling and sales expertise, she helps me and clients over at Saved By Story Publishing meet the audience where they are and inspire them to more.  

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