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I believe STORY is the Answer…

 To our crises of meaning and belonging.
To our impulse to heal our lives and help others.

To our desire and drive to leave the world better than we found it.

True To Intention is not just a brand or a business.

It’s a HOME for Misfits and Messengers,
where People and The Process are as precious as the Products.

Here, Seekers and Storytellers cocoon
to dissolve old identities, reorganize their sacred code material,
and co-author and embody more empowering narratives
for our children, our culture, and our world.

Some birth brands and manifest messages
for pages and stages.

Everyone heals st*ries and traverses
the messy middle of metamorphosis together…
with the language of Story… and lots of chocolate.

What if you already have the answer?

We may not have met, but I believe you already have
the answer to the question that brought you here today…
and this quick process will prove it!

Get this process delivered to your inbox and amaze yourself!

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Change the World with Your Truest Message

Maximize your impact on your audience, your brand, and your bottom line.

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Write a Truer Story for Your Life

Take back the pen and become the co-author of y[our] story.

They call me a...

Brand & Content Oracle, Messy Middler, and Story Junkie…
because I use the power of Story and writing to help seekers and storytellers become uncompromising agents of change in their families, communities, and industries.

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What Storytellers are Saying


"Amanda and I met when I was looking to author a book. That was all. Just a book. I had no concrete idea what this book would be about or the purpose it might eventually serve, but I was determined to write a book. My sights were set on this dream in childhood, and it was time. Boy, was it time—time for a massive tearing down and reconstruction of my personal and professional life through the words and stories that would flow out of me. I had no idea, nor even ventured to consider, that this book I had always wanted to write would right my world in ways that no other form of education or therapy or medication or inspirational seminar or guru could." 


You Don't Have to Crush Your Ex

“Thank you, Amanda, for insisting that I prioritize my stories over the academic and technical knowledge I wanted to share. You have helped me become a brave messenger for those who struggle with energetic sensitivity. I’m proud of my finished product and can’t wait to continue working with you to develop the online training program that accompanies my book.”


I Feel Your Pain
True To Intention » John Gray

“I love her organization and coaching style. Her ability to communicate, articulate, coach, and empathize even when it DOES get messy was not only helpful to me through the process, but it was a powerful model for me to learn how to do the same with my clients. Because of our work together, I have now produced and published a book that I am more than proud of, created a signature speech that moves people and sells my products (without even trying), and created a signature program that restores relationships and lives."


Stop Spot-Cleaning Your Life
True To Intention » Renee Frey

"When I found Amanda, I was half-way through the content but having trouble sticking to scheduled time for writing. I decided to enlist her support, and I’m glad I did because she came up with the phenomenal idea of weaving a story throughout the chapters. Amanda kept me on task, and it forced me to write and get it done! She is incredible at what she does! I couldn’t have finished the book with out her.”


I Hate Mondays

“If you want to write a book, you made it to the right place. Not only will Amanda help you get the book out of your head, she’ll ensure that you write a bestseller that you will love, and so will your readers. Amanda has been with me on my entire writing journey, and my books would not be where they are today without her expertise, genius, and love of her art.”


Selling With Intention, One Great Goal, Selling With Synchronicity, The Belief Zone, and UpLevel Now
True To Intention » Robert Smith

"Amanda brought life to The Parkinson’s Playbook, transforming a rough manuscript into an engaging story that is relevant to those dealing with Parkinson’s and other chronic diseases. Amanda was integral in shaping the story of my journeymore than an editor and coach, she was a team member who could weave together the many treatment strategies for Parkinson’s into a comprehensive guidebook."


The Parkinson's Playbook
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"The best part about working with Amanda at the retreat was the immediate feedback:
Write. Send. Revise. Write. Send. Revise. Repeat. Plus, there were so many personal ahas and breakthroughs that would NOT have occurred without this experience! A month later, I have finished my first draft of the manuscript and am so incredibly excited for the future. And I'm having fun! I 100% recommend this experience for ANYONE who is struggling to write a book or create a message AND to anyone who thinks they have their shit together... because without Amanda, you don't."


Strap On a Pair
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to answer your questions about my programs, or see if I'm a good fit for your event!

What Seekers are Saying


"To say that this quest has changed my life is not an understatementI've gotten more out of it than I could ever have imagined. The layers I've been able to uncover in the container of the community that Amanda has created have been more impactful than anything I got out of years of therapy...
Not only have I learned a lot about myself, but I've started to heal old wounds and break old patterns along the way.
My sister and I signed up for this quest together; and though we were pretty close before we started it, the themes we've explored and the responses we've shared with new levels of vulnerability have allowed us to learn things about each other we never knew and hold each other with greater love and empathy than we ever have before."


Founder, Roots in the Clouds

"After all of the writing, processing, and balancing, I am left thinking more positively about the future, feeling restored to factory settings, acting braver of all fronts, and spending more time marinating in my authentic self. I find myself blessed to be recovering from the weighty anchors of perfectionism and control.

The work in this quest is real, raging-fire-burning work, that helped me to rediscover myselfa renewed sense of purpose and stronger voice along with genuine connectedness to others. With the foundation that only a painfully-sweet journey can build, I feel ready for whatever is next. My world is 'righting' itself with regard to my marriage, my children, friends, colleagues, and an exciting shift in my flourishing career."


Entrepreneur, Child Advocate, Wife & Mother
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"Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this questbut it has hands down been one of the most therapeutic writing groups I've ever been in. The daily prompts are deep and layered, and they all build up each other beautifully. Amanda is an amazing guide at helping one explore the depths of their soul."




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