True To Intention

True to Intention is where I use the power of story and writing to help seekers and storytellers become uncompromising agents of change in their families, communities, and industries.

Messengers are mindfully facilitated from inspiration to impact and walk away with a soul-aligned foundation for their message, including a signature talk, book, curriculum, and revenue model.

The Vision:
The Dream

to create a beloved healing and training space [LIVE and Virtual]
for change agents to make good on the divine invitations
to heal themselves and their world,
and to become fully engaged in purpose, power, prosperity, and play


From Inspiration to Impact

to completely prepare aspiring change agents
with courses, programs, and LIVE events designed to be the safest place for them to:

go Upside-Down to uncover their True Intention/Sacred Code
and the most powerful way to express it in the world

decode, heal, and rewrite the st*ries that have been holding them back

and break through, practice, and fully experience the
journey of Love, Trust, Impact, and Play that awaits them


The Means Matters

I am committed, and I ask my Team and Clients to be equally committed, to…

being the change [True Intention] we are facilitating in the world in every interaction

Divinity in Humanity
uncovering, honoring, and playing with and inside of the Divine Conspiracy
to unfold our True Intention

telling the truth, keeping it real and raw and ready to transform

maintaining sacred space: trusting, inviting, and allowing instead of preventing, teaching, and fixing

creating amazing opportunities, results, and abundance for everyone involved

making every interaction and transformation FUN with allies

remembering Love is the reason and the answer

Bringing Our Families + Communities with Us!
We care about the families and communities you’re already part of,
and we look for the most powerful ways for you to take this work home.

My Unique Approach

This all started with a little caterpillar.
Learn about my Butterfly Approach
to changing the world with a message.

After a decade of helping aspiring messengers become brave storytellers, I articulated a pattern in the process that helps all seekers heal.

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