an aspiring author, speaker, coach, or entrepreneur
who knows you’re called to share a message with the world, but feels frustrated, confused, or stuck

Books change lives.
Brands change the world.

Authors write books,
but Storytellers birth paradigms.

Experts and thought leaders preach,
while Seekers and messengers embody.

Some do it for significance, status, and sales.
Others do it because they must share the medicine. 

Several struggle for years in isolation,
and only a few gather partners and allies.

Many are inspired to change the world;
the brave ones become co-authors of their story.

Which journey is your soul calling you to embark on?

“The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories.”

Carl Jung


“I’m ready to leave ‘my shire’ and do my part to save the world. Just make sure there’s plenty of allies and chocolate!"

New Cocoon

Content Cocoon

[Dark Chocolate]


Devote 12 months to actualizing a “true to you” foundation for your message-driven brand with your sacred message matrix, book, signature talk, revenue model, curriculum, and launch materials. It's easier and more fun with the partnership of a guide, empathetic allies, and lots of chocolate.

New Cocoon

Content Cocoon

[Milk Chocolate]


Dedicate 6 months to creating a “true to you” foundation for your message-driven brand and ONE of these paradigm-changing products: book, signature talk, curriculum.

New Cocoon

Content Cocoon

[White Chocolate]


Spend 3 months catalyzing a “true to you” foundation for your message-driven brand with a customized message matrix and do-it-yourself outlines for all of your projects.


"I need a mini-adventure, a few new allies, a map, and a little chocolate to help me reconnect with that first inspiration!”

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The Greatest Messenger

Customize your plan for your brand’s messaging for sales and marketing and addressing the st*ries that could undermine your culture and vision. And yes, we’ll be using one of my favorite movies as our inspiration!


[2-day Event]


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The Greatest Speaker

Pack more power into your presentation and increase your impact on your audience and your bottom line WITHOUT feeling slimy.


[4-hour workshop]

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Give Your Message Wings

Understand and get prepared for the messenger journey with this pre-recorded training.

Once the Cocoon work is done—the content is finished and the st*ry is healing—it will be time for us to discuss the next phases and the possibility of working through the Wing Training, Wind Riding, and Rabble Effect phases with the team at Saved By Story Publishing.

Check out what we are doing over at
Saved By Story Publishing!

This is where our Seekers and Storytellers launch their books and brands
with the help of our team of Messengers, Misfits, and Magicians.

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