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We dream of becoming game-changing heroes in our workplaces, homes, and communities—driven, intentional, and no-nonsense about our goals while also leveraging our creativity, empathy, ability to collaborate, and more.

We have acquired and honed the skills and superpowers that highly qualify us for the missions ahead...

And yet, something stops us from achieving the level of influence, productivity, and profitability that we know we are capable of creating.

What is it that keeps you from finishing, or even starting, those missions to…
write that book or develop that talk, ask for that raise, start that business, invent that product, hit that income goal?

What is that recurring plot twist or villain that knocks you down every time you take action?

Whats with all thestorylanguage, you ask?

Well, our world is built on story. Not only is it the primary way we’ve articulated what it means to be human and passed on hard-earned wisdom for millennia, but it’s a function of our brain to explain our reality to ourselves and others.

Thus, our individual and collective futures depend on the stories we tell… and the words we use to do it.

So how about we start telling the most honest, inspiring story we can come up with... and let go of all the old ones... so that we can finally activate our superpowers and complete these important missions?

Easier said than donebut totally possible.

It took me several years and multiple failed and delayed missions to figure out why I experienced intense relationship, financial, and even health challenges every time I activated my superpowers; but once I did, I completed my missions in record time.

THIS is the core message I share with every audience, but I don’t stop there.

Whether I am speaking to audiences of corporate professionals or entrepreneurs, I share my story and my best tools and strategies for:

  • Writing a Truer Story: A Powerful Story-Healing Framework to Help You Shift Individual and Collective Stories
  • Changing the World with Your Sacred Message [WITHOUT Losing Your Sanity or Soul]
  • Alchemizing Your Story and Expertise for Maximum Impact on Your Audience, Your Brand, and Your Bottom Line
  • Maximizing Your Message, Minimizing Your Mess: How to Heal the St*ry and Make Bigger Impact


“Amanda Johnson BRINGS IT to the stage! She is raw, authentic, and transformational.
If you are looking for a speaker to move your audience and
inspire them to rewrite their story AND shift the way they are being, then look no further.

I’ve invited Amanda to speak at all of my events and conferences,
and our attendees are always on the edge of their seats and eager to connect with her after.” 

Ursula Mentjes
Founder of Sales Coach Now, Sales Expert, Award-winning Author, Inspirational Speaker


Ready for a speaker that helps your audience write a better story for themselves and your organization?

"Amanda radiates empathy and insight from the stage. Her easy confidence invites the audience to not only listen, but also to embrace her message. The result is that we feel informed and enlightened and, perhaps even more importantly, connected with her."

 Greg Kuhn
Author of Why Quantum Physicists…


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