Are you an Upside-Down Messenger?

an aspiring author, speaker, coach, or entrepreneur who knows you're called to share a message with the world, but feels frustrated, confused, or stuck

If you are here, chances are...

You’ve been inspired to write a book,
take the stage with a message,
or even help others with a message-driven business.

You’ve been told more than once that your story is needed,
and you know there’s something to all of the nudges.

But what would you say that hasn't already been said?
Are your story, message, and voice really powerful enough to make a difference?

You've got a sharp mind and a huge heart.

You've accomplished, and invested plenty of time,
energy, and money into your success.

But how do you get all of those big ideas, good intentions,
and juicy stories into a powerful keynote or book without it being hours long or a 3,000-page read?

How can you get it done quickly and make sure it achieves
your true intention for your audience, your brand, and your bottom line?

Maybe you’ve started writing and stopped,
and started and stopped again.

Maybe every time you sit down to write,
you end up editing the content to death,
cleaning your house, filing papers, eating pounds of dark chocolate,
or curling up in a ball and reading erotica under your desk [true story].

Where did all of that clarity go?
Why doesn’t it sound as good on paper?
Why are you resisting the content development when you know this message could change people’s lives?

Maybe you’ve signed up for a program to help you develop the content. And still haven’t.

And are kicking yourself for spending so much money and not finishing.

Maybe you signed up for a program to stop self-sabotaging.

And you got some tools that helped you a lot,
but you’re still not producing. 

What is it going to take to get that message on the page and/or the stage?
Are your relationships and bank account going to survive this dream?
Do you actually have what it takes to do this?
Why can’t you just let it go and move on with your life?

Maybe you know that there’s more to this message than this project.
You dream of speaking and/or coaching.

Maybe you get excited every time you think about hosting an event
or facilitating a retreat where you could support groups of people.

In fact, the idea of growing a community where people feel safe enough
to be their true selves and learn what they need
to thrive makes your heart pound with anticipation…

and maybe a little terror.

How on Earth does one do all of that?
None of those formulas you’ve been immersed in actually feel good to you,
but you still want to figure out how to do it true to your intention.

What are the actual steps to create something that feels good to you
that nurtures your mind, body, and soul while you support others?

Do you have the skills to impact from pages and stages,
and keep your voice, approach, and content congruent between all of them?

I know this journey, from the inside-out,
as a messenger and as a messenger guide.

I’ve asked myself all of the questions most messengers ask.

I’ve felt the paralyzing self-doubt, chocolate-laden resistance, and relationship and monetary desperation.

Plus, I’ve talked to dozens of aspiring messengers ready to walk away from all of it because they are on the verge of bankruptcy or divorce, or both, and yet know that their message won’t leave them alone until it’s on the page, the stage, and transforming lives.

If you’re here, and taking time out of your very busy life as a partner, parent, and professional to do some research on who could help you get your message out once and for all, then I know you’re serious about changing the world with a message and not letting anything stand in your way. And for that alone, I bow to you, one devoted messenger to another.

And maybe your soul brought you here because I’ve been helping aspiring messengers like you for more than a decade now, and I’ve uncovered a way to move people through the process pretty quickly WITHOUT sacrificing their sanity or their soul along the way.

in less than a year, six months, or even 90 days?

What if you could start that journey today, with
someone who has walked it herself?

The moment my message hit me was AWE-INSPIRING.

The magical synchronicities that followed were GLORIOUS.

twists led to me launching a message-driven business and helping others do the same,

and eventually writing, publishing, and launching
a book as a bestseller in less than 3 months.

"How on Earth did you do that?"

is the question that always comes next.

The short answer is

The long answer is:

If you've read my blogs or heard me speak, you have probably heard me share the story of a magical few weeks I spent with my son, witnessing Magic Eggs become Crazed Caterpillars that stuffed their faces and then went Upside-Down when it was time for them to create a Cocoona safe place where they could dissolve into goo and then re-organize their material to become a butterfly. And that wasn't the end. Then they had to break out of the cocoon, strengthen their wings, and take the first leap off the branchall to ensure that their species continued and, of course, delight all who witnessed their beauty.

The butterfly's journey clearly unfolded according to a deeply embedded blueprint or sacred code. Somehow, every phase started and ended at the perfect time, and in the perfect order, to result in a gorgeous creature's emergence and flight.

At the time, I knew this was a divine message about my approach to parenting. When I met my son, I somehow knew that he already had everything inside of him [a Divine Blueprint or Sacred Code, if you willto become who he is meant to be... and my job was really just to nurture and protect it while he became.

When his great-grandma got too close to the butterfly bungalow and knocked a cocoon to the ground, he let out a blood-curdling scream, “No! Grandma! You made him fall!”and fell to his knees, “I’m sorry, little butterfly.” While I cradled his sobbing body, I recognized the fear that was driving my new approach to messaging and parenting.

This experience affirmed my inner knowing. And a philosophy of parenting... and life... was formed.

So when I got hit with this awe-inspiring lightning bolt [a very clear vision of a message I am on the planet to share] and found myself on a journey oh-so-similar to the one I witnessed with the Magic Eggs, it was easier for me to trust the process... as if it was unfolding according to a Sacred Code in Me.


Doesn't that sound so... magical? So inspiring?
Of course it does, because IT IS magical and inspiring.

And... here is the whole truth
because you deserve to know it up front.


Dissolving into goo, reorganizing our material,
and becoming who we really are is NO SMALL FEAT.

It is a magical and incredibly MESSY process
that requires extreme mindfulness

to begin to heal and manage those old st*ries,
so we can make more of a message than a mess

to make it True to OUR Intention,
instead of undermining it.

I have watched many messengers lose their way,
right hereand it breaks my heart.

The woman who was raped in college but pulls her life together and decides to become part of the solution as a sex education teacher. Because she hasn’t healed her pain and has no structure to manage it, she’s a little too rough on the young boys. She tells the class that the majority of these boys will become perpetrators and fails to give them a model of respectful behavior and communication to avoid such a fate. Instead of being part of the solution, she has undermined her intentionseeding possibilities in the minds of young boys and making the girls in the room feel on edge. Really good intentions. Not enough st*ry-healing.

The woman who experiences massive personal growth and writes a book to help others do the same, but hasn’t fully integrated what she’s learned in her own life. Thus, her first attempt at a book reads like a compilation of some of the most powerful voices in transformation that happen to not resemble her own at all. [Accidental plagiarism alert!] And, her relationships at home and work are stretched and strained to the point that if she puts the message into the world without mad amounts of mindfulness, she is going to lose everyone precious to her. Beautiful, divine intentions. Needs more time to heal and integrate.

The person who changes the world with a message, rising to success against all odds, after being told by the adults in their life that they would amount to nothing. That wound was the fuel for their success, as they worked to “prove they were more.” But, never fully healed and unmanaged, it eventually turns into more mess than message as they unconsciously and consciously make compromises and hurt others to avoid “being the person they were told and came to believe they were.” Worse yet, they begin to resent the audiences and clients they are helping gain the true inner healing and freedom they still crave.

I knowit’s a bold statement.
But it’s happened to messengers I adore
… and to me.

I’ve had plenty of moments where I’ve completely undermined my intention and made more of a mess than a message. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I resisted selling from the stage for the first decade of my business.

I also spent plenty of time so focused on helping others and changing the world that I didn’t realize the gross personal sacrifices I was making until it was almost too late for my health, my marriage, and my finances.

And I’ve got plenty of old wounds that regularly try to convince me that I should just be quiet, that I don’t belong in this arena, that I’m going to lose everything and everyone if I tell my god’s-honest-truth.

Trust me, I understand how easy it is for an old st*ry to hit the fan and make a huge mess.

That’s why my priority,as a guide,is to:

Maximize Impact + Minimize the Mess


Just as it is with the Butterfly,
there are specific phases of the Messenger's Journey...
a Universal Messenger Code
, if you will.

As a Mindful Messenger Guide, I'm committed to sharing as much of the Universal Messenger Code as I can — up front so there are fewer surprises. In this blueprint, mindful messengers see the big picture and begin the process of planning for:

  • Clarifying the Message + Connecting It to Purpose 
  • Developing Powerful Content 
  • Marketing + Monetizing the Message 
  • Publishing + Promoting the Book 
  • Navigating the Journey as St*ry Happens

But MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE WORK is uncovering a messenger’s UNIQUE SACRED CODEor what I call THE MESSAGE MATRIX—and then giving them the safe Cocoon-like space in which I partner with them to heal the st*ries and develop the content they need to maximize their impact on their audience, their brand, and their bottom line.


An individual’s Message Matrix — the expression of their unique Sacred Code 
holds the answers to every question they will ask themselves about their message and their journey:

  • How do I take a lifetime of experience and expertise and put it into a book without having to write thousands of pages, or into a signature talk that doesn't last 2 whole days, or into curriculum that doesn’t take 10+ years to complete?
  • How can I organize, write, and deliver the content so that readers can't stop reading until the last page, audiences hang on my every word, and clients actually complete their programs?
  • How is my message different than all of the other books that have been written on this topic?
  • How can I wrap my story and expertise into a compelling signature talk that leaves audiences wanting more and running to the back of the room to sign up for my program without me having to sell [cuz I hate thatdon’t you]?
  • How am I going to monetize this message so that I can spend all of my time living in my purpose? What's the first step? And the next? And the next?
  • How can I possibly develop curriculum and experiences powerful enough to ensure that clients and audiences experience the transformation I've experienced?
  • How do I overcome all of the fears, challenges, and uncertainties along the journey?
  • How am I going to leave this world better and brighter than I found it?
  • How can I heal and manage these wounds, so I don’t make more of a mess than a message?

"When I finally decided to write a book,after years of being prompted, the first thing I did was to search for someone to coach me through the process and help me get my message across well the first time.  So many professionals told me 'just write it and then send it to me and I'll edit it/send you suggestions to change.'

If I had followed that advice, I never would have written my book. I never would have opened myself to the experiences that were necessary to finish my growth and healing process.

When I found Amanda through my former business coach, I was desperate for someone to keep me on track, to make sure that my voice was heard clearly, and to ensure I wouldn't write something that was so awful that I'd have to start all over again. In fact, I am clear that if I hadn't signed up for the dark chocolate program, not only would my book not have been written, but I would not have developed such strong and powerful presentations and curriculum. I would not have gained bestseller status on Amazon, nor would I have found a way to monetize my message in a way that is powerful for others and THEIR healing process. The process of writing was full of emotion from tears of frustration to tears of joy; from laughter to anger; from playfulness to straight-up stubbornness. Amanda witnessed it all with compassion and understanding and allowed me the space to move through it so my story could inspire others to change their own lives.

She is worth every penny and more. Her strong and gentle personality helped me become a spark of change so I can help others deepen their connection to self, others, and community."

Dawn Bennett,
Author of Touch Crisis
Founder, Touch Remedies

Wanna chat to see if this is a fit for you?

What happens when people try to share a message
without their Sacred Code and Message Matrix?

  • Sitting down to write and jumping up a few minutes later to grab a bag of potato chips, or a pound of chocolate. [Or maybe you're the one who jumps up to do another load of laundry, file paperwork, clean your baseboards, or disappear into your favorite erotica novel?]
  • Writing and speaking, with the horrible sinking feeling that they're wandering aimlessly through ideas and stories. [You gotta love those rabbit trails, right?]
  • Putting the message on the back burner whenever something more important comes up, but never being able to shake the frustration and angst that comes when another year concludes and the brand isn’t launched, the book isn't done, the talk hasn't been developed, and the curriculum isn't even on the docket.
  • Signing up for and spending a lot of money [as much as $100K+] on program after program after program that promises to help them finally launch that brand, finish that book, develop the signature talk, or create curriculum... leaving THEM feeling like a failure. I’m not sure if this is worse or not, but some actually finish the book, the talk, and the course, and yet never get them into the world. Why? Well, usually because they had three different coaches who focused on three different angles, and they realize now that they should all be aligned with one message, one audience, and their soul. [This one breaks my heart because the cause of failure is usually in the lack of individual support in the program, NOT the messenger.]
  • Getting the message out there, only to realize that something about it isn’t working or they’re accidentally undermining their intention.

That’s why I’ve created a comprehensive program where you can get the UNIVERSAL MESSENGER CODEYOUR MESSAGE MATRIX, and ONE-ON-ONE AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT as you develop EVERYTHING you need to create a solid, aligned message-driven business as an author, speaker, coach, and CEO that delivers true transformation to their audiences and clients.

Plus, I’ll show you how to heal that st*ry and all the other st*ries that you’ll face along your Mindful Messenger Journey. My upside-down approach combines the transformative power of the mind, storytelling, the act of writing, and community support with The Innerlight MethodTM to accelerate and deepen the healing process.

The Content Cocoon Programs

Over the last decade, I've streamlined my approach to move messengers quickly through the clarity, branding, strategy, and storytelling skill-building phases so they can use the momentum and jump confidently into content development and the st*ry-healing. In fact, I’ve seen messengers write first drafts of manuscripts in as little as 90 days, 30 days, and even 7 days with this approach.

I invite messengers to play at 1 of 3 levels, based on their goals, their timeline, and their willingness to fully witness their st*ry.


We will find the level that is best for you...


As you can see, the DARK CHOCOLATE program is the most comprehensive. In one year, or less if you can make it happen, you develop everything you need to grow a message-driven business with alignment, mindfulness, and a lot more ease. Truly, my goal is to help you start making money as soon as possible with:

a powerful book that alchemizes your story and expertise, and takes your reader on their own journey of transformation while they witness yours

a transformative signature talk or keynote that fully engages your audiences’ hearts, minds, and souls and mindfully empowers them to take action to change their lives

a results-cultivating course or event that consciously moves your clients through the learning and embodiment of the lessons you have to share with them

a simple revenue model that aligns with the customer experience you want to offer AND your own personality, style, and approach to your topic

your own Sacred Code Approach to all of your messaging AND your own st*ry-healing journey [Yes, you’ll start with my framework, but my intention is that by the time you finish this program, you have your own customized approach to moving through “the messy middle” of the transformational process.]

The MILK CHOCOLATE program will focus on completing one project in six months, after we’ve developed the matrix and outlines for everything else [see WHITE program below]. This is the program for you if twelve months seems like too much, or if you’re having trouble seeing beyond this one project that led you to looking for support. You choose: Book? Talk? Course?

The WHITE CHOCOLATE program is going to give you an aligned plan with comprehensive outlines for everything you will develop on your own.

By the end of the program, you will have:

a powerful Message Matrixthe foundation of your book [overall + chapter outlines], your signature talk, your curriculum [if you choose to coach/facilitate], and your revenue model

at least one REALLY good chapter/piece of content to use as a model moving forward

badass storytelling and writing skills

a new belief about how quickly and easily you can develop the rest of the content

the structures and game plan you need to create and keep your writing momentum

allies who will amp your inspiration and velocity until the project is done

In all of these programs, you will:

clarify your core message
determine your target audience
brand your message to make it memorable
identify the right stories to share
uncover potential st*ry landmines
begin to heal those old wounds
organize the contentstories and expertiseto make it a sacred, life-changing experience for audiences/readers
develop your first piece[s] of content with expert feedback and community support
eat, work, play, and move your project forward with new allies

The Details!

Completed Manuscript
I will support you through the entire process of completing your manuscript. When you’re done with the manuscript, it will be ready for formatting, design, or production; and I will be there to help you identify the best production path for you based on your timeline and budget.

Signature Talk
We will work together to craft a powerful presentation and get you ready to engage, enlighten, and empower your audiences AND sell your services without it feeling icky. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to receive laser coaching from me and feedback from your peers.

Revenue Model
After experiencing your powerful book or keynote, people are going to ask you, “What’s next?” I want to help you create a full client experience through a funnel that feels good and doable for you, so you are prepared to answer that question with confidence and ease.

Course/Event to Monetize
If the answer to your, “What’s next?” is an online program or a LIVE event, I will help you develop an experience that will translate into faster and longer-lasting results for your clients. I will help you develop the curriculum and the sales page and marketing materials, and show you how to up-level your facilitation skills to maximize learning and embodiment of the material. BONUS: Sales Camp Because I want you to be able to make some good money as you impact the world, I’m including an amazing bonus. Sales Camp is an incredible digital training course facilitated by my favorite sales expert, Ursula Mentjes. You’ll walk away from that training with sales scripts and systems that will make it so much easier for you to sell in alignment with your soul.

PLUS, A Devoted Guide and A Community Full of Allies
We are wired for connection and belonging. We need both to live and thrive, and change the world. As a messenger and a guide for others on the journey, I have experienced the power of messengers coming together, co-creating a safe space to share their stories and working alongside each other to develop and polish content. Not only does the level of accountability go up, making it harder for you to push that project to the back burner; but you will be stunned by how quickly you can heal your st*ries and get your content into the world. True allies will help you stay true to your intention, have a hell-of-a-lot more fun on the journey, and get where you’re going with more ease, grace, and velocity. Truly, these are friendships and collaborations that could last a lifetime.

Here's how we'll get it done!

4 Renee Typing

CocoonU Membership. CocoonU is the online platform I use to deliver pre-recorded training sessions and quests, as well as connect clients across all of my programs. You'll have access to a calendar of events and be able to add them to your calendar in one easy sync. You'll also be invited to connect with potential allies and collaborators.

Message Matrix Pre-Work [pre-recorded training] These audios and homework will help you more deeply understand and prepare for the Messenger Journey. It will also unearth much of the information I need to begin helping you uncover your sacred code and build your message matrix.

Your Sacred Contribution. This 2-day event will help you move through the first three phases of the messenger journeyInspiration, Action, and Resistance. Whether you are just starting or stuck at some point on the journey, this experience will help you move that message forward. By the end, you will: 1) see how to change the world with your sacred message WITHOUT compromising your sanity or your soul; 2) start to alchemize your story and expertise to create maximum impact on your audience, brand, and bottom line; 3) know the down-and-dirty truth about publishing and monetizing your message; and 4) have the beginning of that safe cocoon structure you need for the transformative journey ahead.

2 Pre-Retreat Sessions [1 hour each on Zoom]. You’ll send me your pre-work, and we will discuss and expand upon it, so you are ready to begin organizing and writing at the retreat.

Quarterly 3-Day Message Matrix Retreats: You and me and up to 5 other messengers in a cabin in Portland, OR. We work together for 3 days to finalize your Message Matrix, eat plenty of dark chocolate, and begin writing. [If you choose the MILK or DARK program, the first retreat must be in person, but the others can be virtual.]

Weekly Cocoon Co-Working Sessions. One day every week, I open up my Zoom platform and invite you to co-work with me. This is a regular opportunity to work through any internal st*ry challenges, celebrate your wins, and ask for/receive support on all things message-related to stay the course. This work is not for the faint-hearted, but I’m telling you it’s easier than not doing it. This is also an opportunity to ask questions about the business of messaging. Whether you want to be an author, speaker, or coach [or all three], we’ll help you figure out the next steps to grow your brand strategically and organically. No inauthentic formulas. Just following the magic that’s right in front of you.

Monthly Virtual Writing Retreats. Every month, I’ve set aside 3 days for a virtual retreat. It’s similar to the weekly sessions, but with the additional time blocked, you’ll build more momentum and get more done!

Support with Visual Design, Production, and Launch. We will co-create a plan, determine which design and implementation team members are a fit for your projects [book covers, websites, marketing materials, system creation, social media, etc.], and work together to bring your brand to life. [Note: All additional team members require separate agreements and investments.]

"Amanda uses several well-known and even researched approaches, whether she knows it or not. Polyvagal breathing techniques, centered and grounded mindfulness approaches, cognitive-behavioral modeling, and even some smatterings of psychospiritual methods are intertwined to provide outcomes similar to that of narrative therapy. (And don't forget the dark chocolate—there is research to demonstrate that it really does help us deal with dementors!)

From the perspective of 'deep psychology,' Amanda’s process emulates that of an ancient healing pedagogy of storytelling through writing. She encourages others to define what lies outside of our conscious awareness and may even illuminate that which an author may hold in an unconscious space: thoughts, impressions, and feelings which may not have not been previously admitted, even to oneself, including potential collective consciousnesses aspects with cultural and archetypal dimensions.
Amanda’s invitation is in the tradition of depth work—one in which the participant may observe, grapple with, and consider what it means to really heal, and then share that journey with others who may find connection and even hope through the process."
~ Lonny R. Webb, MSV, LCSW
Clinical and Forensic Social Work

Plus the St*ry-Healing Work!


21-Day Quest from Character to Co-Author [Videos, Writing Prompts, and Reflections]. Use a powerful, in-our-DNA approach to st*ry-healing to shift one st*ry that has been sabotaging your efforts to get your message into the world.

Quarterly 3-Day F-U to Breakthrough Retreats [You and me and up to 11 other messengers in a cabin/retreat center in Portland, OR]. Think slumber party where, in addition to enjoying the movies, yummy food, and giggles, we also witness each other heal st*ries that have been keeping us from stepping fully and unapologetically into our purpose. NOTE: These retreats will be right next to the Matrix Retreats. In other words, three days of healing st*ry, a day off to process, and then three days of moving your message forward.

Monthly Innerlight Sessions. Every month, during one of our retreats, you’ll be invited to join us for a group Innerlight session. This energy balancing modality has been accelerating my own personal healing and transformation and moving my clients through theirs faster than I could have dreamed possible.

Unlimited 15-minute SOS Calls and Emails
Because it’s not for the faint-hearted. Because you will be clear and excited. And then you’ll be upside-down. And you’ll need a reminder that it’s okay to be where you are, and maybe some support in figuring out the next right step.

Included: Cozy accommodations and delicious food are included for all of the retreats.

Additional Investments: The only additional investment is whatever it takes for you to get to Portland, OR. If you’re in the MILK or DARK pill programs, there will be additional design and production costs when the projects are ready to move into that phase.

From Messengers Just Like You...

"I thought I was going to leave the retreat with my book writtenbecause I was a good writer and I totally had my story down. Ummm...wrong! Ha ha! This experience was the safe space I needed to admit that I didn’t have my story or message totally 'baked' and to rework my approach to it. Amanda helped me retell my story, so that I could see common themes and emphasize the nuances that I may have missed (and did!). I now know how to write to engage a reader and share a message. I know how to write in an authentic voice. I know how to tell a story.

The best part about working with Amanda at the retreat was the immediate feedback: Write. Send. Revise. Write. Send. Revise. Repeat. Plus, there were so many personal a-has and breakthroughs that would NOT have occurred without this experience! A month later, I finished my first draft of the manuscript and am so incredibly excited for the future. And I'm having fun! I 100% recommend this experience for ANYONE who is struggling to write a book or create a message AND to anyone who thinks they have their shit together...because without Amanda, you don't."

Abby Walker,
Author of Strap On A Pair

"When I met Amanda, I had just experienced a major

trigger to my story, and the book was just a ‘What if?’ Talking to Amanda made me realize I really could write a book and that she had all the knowledge and tools to help me. BUT what I really needed was her heart, and the safe space she creates at these events. I came to the retreat with some content done, but it didn't read like the GOOD book that I wanted it to be. I was lost in the details. I couldn't see the overall brand that came from/with the book or hear my voice in the writing.

Plus, I was feeling pressure to rebrand my business with something that would tie everything I’m doing together. It felt like I couldn’t move forward without that big picture and over-arching theme, and Amanda nailed it. I am so clear now, and motivated and inspired. I can SEE the GOOD book now, and I know with her help, I WILL write it and it will be powerful and well-written, and kick all kinds of ass. At the retreat, I wrote 5 chapters and the Introduction, and I know HOW to write the rest of it powerfully. Amanda hears your story, processes the most important parts (not to her, but to YOU and your reader), and then spits it back out at you in the form YOU need to see it to move forward. She sees the journey and the message on a level that you might not be able to because you are so IN IT.

Torey Ivanic,
Author of No Big Deal
Founder, Open Space

"I love Amanda’s Message Matrix and coaching style.Her ability to communicate, articulate, coach, and empathize even when it DOES get messy was not only helpful to me through the process, but it was a powerful model for me to learn how to do the same with my clients.

Because of our work together, I have now produced and published a book that I am more than proud of, created a signature speech that moves people and sells my products (without even trying), and created a signature program that restores relationships and trains people so their lives and relationships are totally transformed.

The results are astounding.

With Amanda's support, I was able to see how I could integrate my previous brand with this one. This not only allowed me to easily leverage all of my expertise, but it prevented me from feeling like I had to create a completely different persona for the page and the stage. Essentially, I have been able to not only monetize my passion, but also leverage my messes, my message, and my overall life experiences in a step-by-step process that inspires and impacts people more than I ever thought possible.

John Gray,
Author of Done-Rite Carpet and Life Restoring Guide

"I started the message development process thinking that I knew what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. However, when I put pen to paper, I was truly lost. Enter Amanda. She heard my heart and helped me hone in on my message, and then she walked beside me as I healed my st*ry and transformed my life so that I can facilitate the same transformation for others. She challenged me in areas that needed to be challenged and lovingly supported me through every upside-down that came as I grew into my own message. Throughout the entire process, she encouraged me to a deeper level of allowing my audience to see more and helped me stay true to my voice, making the final product authentic to who I am and what I've been called to share."

Marlia Cochran,
Author of Where's My White Picket Fence?
When a Good Girl Doubts God

Marlia's Cover

So... I bet you're thinking to yourself,
"Wow, these programs are really comprehensive. I wonder how much she is charging!"

Truth is, I’ve been round and round and round again with myself and my coaches about pricing.

What I know for sure is that lots of people arrive here, having ALREADY spent tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get their message into the world.

They’re usually feeling depleted in all the ways: physically, emotionally, relationally, and financially.

So, some have a hard time believing that this is all still possible for them, and some are distrusting and jaded about my industry and colleagues.

I’ve been there. I get it.

And my commitment to you is this:

In my programs, if you do your part, you will ALWAYS get more than what you spend to get it.

After 10 years in this business, I know that the messengers who cross my path need someone they can trust with their story and their fears as they move through the process of sharing their message, story, and expertise with the world.

And because I have several of those people in my own life,
I am confident that there is no way to put a price tag on it,
let alone the expertise and hours required to guide such a journey.

Plus, I am in this business to help people like you
NOT to make millions of dollars.

If you want to change the world with your message…
If you are willing to do the work…
If you know that 2022 is your year to start…
Then schedule a chat with me and let’s see what’s possible.

My intention in those 60 minutes is to help you create a plan that works for YOU.

That might look like me recommending one of these programs to you, but it could also look like me encouraging you to focus on something else in your life before you jump into this experience.

I want you to SUCCEED… at your whole journey… not just your message.

Wanna chat to see if this is a fit for you?

If the Content Cocoon Program feels like an answer to your prayers, schedule some time with me to chat and make sure this is the best next step for you.
Because I devote so much time to each client and message,
I'm able to work with ONLY 12 Messengers this year,
so if you're feeling the tug, or you have questions...

If you're still here, I can safely say:
It's time.

You're as ready as you'll ever be.

Your message has NOT already been shared.
You DO have something utterly value able to give the world.

There are people waiting to hear what only you can say.
[In fact, they're probably all around you already.]

You don't need more experience or another certification or degree.
[Your whole life has prepared you for this.]

You don't have to spend years wandering through the process.
[You have found a Guide and Community that will light the way and hold your dream when you get tired.]

There's a Universal Messenger Code that will help you see the journey.
[And yes, there is a Sacred Code that is uniquely and forever yours.]

And the sooner you SAY YES and ACQUIRE SOLID TOOLS for the journey,
the sooner you will experience the Message Magic that is waiting for you.

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