Investing in the Dream

It was a no-brainer for me, but she didn’t see it for herself right away. As her friend, I shared what I saw for her, “This isn’t about you learning from her as much as it is about you positioning yourself to work with her. You’re ready.”

By the end of the day, she had taken the leap and said YES to the huge coaching program, but not before demonstrating her expertise and negotiating a phenomenal deal in front of the whole room.

Oh yeah, she’s gonna rock this year.

We celebrated that evening and turned in early so we would be ready for the third day of training, but I woke up completely undone after an extremely intense dream:

The Coach had walked up to me and said, “So, are you coming with her?”

“Ummmm… Well, I’d love to, but no, not now.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t have any cash or plastic to make an investment like that right now. Maybe next year.”

Leaning forward, she started in with all of the reasons I should just ‘say YES and figure out how’: “I have the perfect coach for you who is making millions doing what you’re doing. We have people in our community who could joint venture with you and create another revenue stream. We…”

“Yes, well, I know it’s my next step. I prayed for someone who could help me shift my Money Conversation, and you showed up within a month of that prayer. I just can’t do it right now…”

We went back and forth in my dream until my alarm jolted me awake.

My friend could tell I was shaken by the dream, and I told her all about it while we got ready, finishing with “This has to be a breakthrough year with the money. I know this is my calling, and I made more money last year than ever before; but ‘my net’ could disappear at any moment, and I have to be able to make it on my own.” My voice trembled at the reality I shared out loud for the very first time.

“Well, you have already taken the leap and partnered with Lisa. Why not ask big and see what they can do for you with regard to the payment plan? If it’s supposed to happen, it will.”

“Yeah, I’m just going to focus on calming the heck down before I get back to that room.”

Three hours later, I was standing calmly in the back of the training room when The Coachl walked up and said, “So, are you coming with her?”

“Ummmm… Well, I’d love to, but no, not now.” Holy crap! Did she just walk up to me and say the same exact words she said in my dream?!?

“Why not?”

“I don’t have any cash or plastic to make an investment like that right now. Maybe next year.” Oh my goodness. This is the same conversation!!!

Leaning in, she made the same case she’d made in my dream just three hours before – literally word for word.

“Listen, this is the second time we’ve had this conversation.”

She looked at me puzzled and waited for me to explain.

“I had a dream last night. We had this conversation.”

She smiled, “Well, that sounds like a sign.”

“Yeah, no kidding. I know I’m supposed to say YES, I just do not see HOW right now. But I promise, as soon as the money shows up, I’ll sign on that dotted line. Clearly, it’s a meant to be.”

I said YES to the smaller level of coaching before I left that day, knowing that I had to put my money where my intention was. I told her assistant I’d be calling as soon as I could move to the Big Program.

Two weeks later, I was asked to facilitate a workshop for a small group, and they offered me the exact amount I needed to make my down payment.


This happened almost exactly a year ago, and as I write this, I am sitting on a plane on my way to my second session with her and her coaches.

I can’t wait to tell them about everything that has happened since my first session with them in June. My business had grown three more legs since June, and I was so busy making them all work together that I had to put my second session off for a few months.

Last week, when I was at her 3 Day Workshop, tons of people asked me how the Big Program “had worked for me.”

I didn’t know how to respond at first. You see, her community is just one of several coaching communities I’m in. It’s hard to give ALL the credit to any one of the coaches, but it’s obvious that going to this Big Program did something extreme for my business.

After the third time trying to answer this question, I figured it out…

My revenue more than doubled last year, but NOT because I had been lacking the right coaching or information.

There were several new factors playing into my success:

  • I had faced my reality head-on and shared it out loud with someone I trusted and who is a safe space. It was true. Last year was “do or die” for the business. It is my calling and my dream, and the thought of walking away from it made me want to vomit. But I had to get it to a certain level financially last year to prove to myself that my dream could fund a comfortable lifestyle for me and my family.


  • I had put my money where my intention was in a BIG way. It is no exaggeration. My monthly payment for the Big Program was as much as I had been making every month up until February of last year. In order to make those payments, I had to stop putting off movement on the inspiration I’d had to change the way I was delivering services to my authors. The amazing thing was when I said YES to change and shifted to “retreat-style” coaching, I actually started to get better and faster results with my authors in addition to increasing my revenue.


  • I had chosen to surround myself with an entire community of people who believed that making money is easy and fun. Do you know what it’s like to stand in a room with a millionaire? How about ten of them? Twenty? Yeah, well, it’s kind of unnerving…in the best way possible. You see, people could tell me until they were blue in the face that it’s fun and easy to make a ton of money, but there was something about being in the room with a bunch of millionaires that challenged – literally broke – all of the limiting beliefs I had about money at a cellular level.


I believe The Wind gave us dreams and intended for us to LIVE ABUNDANTLY inside of them. And I don’t just believe it now, I know it.

Why would The Wind give us a dream, and not provide for us when we say YES?


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