Dare to Dream – Secret #7

“So, I’m looking at your 120-day plan and what we talked about you doing on our last call, and then I’m looking at what you’ve been working on…”

I could hear a tinge of confusion in his voice. His pregnant pause was very…pregnant.

“Yes?” I had to hold back a chuckle. My poor coaches… I can hardly keep up with what The Wind puts in front of me. They must be SO CONFUSED!

“Well, it is definitely not going according to plan, but it looks like it may turn out even better?” I could hear him smiling.

Whew! He sees it. “I think so. When I got home from creating that plan with you guys, I started to implement, and almost as soon as I did, the inspiration to do this book launch came in and took everything in a new direction…”

I shared with him the details for the book launch, and how that idea had catalyzed the Book Production and Launch programs – two programs that weren’t even a possibility in my mind when I was sitting down and creating that plan with my coaches.

“Well, if this actually happens the way you have it mapped out here, it could be even bigger for the business than your original plan. How can I help you make this happen?”

“I’m glad you see that too. I need support with…”


Did you notice that “Create a Plan” wasn’t one of the secrets? That’s because the “planning step” isn’t a secret (and it was embedded in the ASK FOR HELP secret because I believe we are not meant to create those plans by ourselves).

Every expert out there tells you that you need a plan, and the people who work with me know that “creating a plan” and “developing structures” for writing, business building, and staying in alignment between the personal and professional lives is where we start after we clarify and structure the message/dream.

But then there’s this thing about PLANS…

They don’t usually work for me… at least not the way I was always told they were supposed to. All but a few of the people who have helped me move from one phase to the next in life have told me to Create the Plan and Follow the Plan Closely to get the intended results.

Seems logical, right? Right!

But what I’ve found is that this “Manifesting a Dream” stuff isn’t exactly logical.

I create the plan, and then something happens such that if I were to stick to the original plan, I would lose out on some of the magic I am intended to experience. For instance, if I had said NO to the inspiration for a book launch because it didn’t line up with my original plan, I would have missed out on a whole lot of magic last year:

  • Giving my clients the opportunity and means to produce their books, create their Messenger-Minded Businesses, and launch from a big stage…


  • Opening up three new revenue streams for True to Intention…


  • Experiencing the love, intention, and support of my community, and giving them the opportunity to co-manifest the Dare to Dream event with me…


  • Meeting phenomenal people who have something incredible to share with the world…


  • Positioning True to Intention for another breakthrough year in 2012…


Why would I say NO to all that just to stick to a plan? Sounds crazy, right? But some people do miss out on the magic because it’s not part of their plan and, looking back, it’s easy to see why…

Letting go of a plan is SCARY!

I mean, it’s a road map, mostly guaranteed to take you where you said you wanted to go.

But what if your destination isn’t as exotic, exciting, magical, AND profitable
as the one The Wind wants to take you to?

The truth is that I didn’t know any of that magic would happen when I diverted from my plan. I just followed the inspiration to create an event and then two programs that would make it possible for my clients to participate. And, if I’m really honest, there was a part of me that wondered if I could even pull those off, but what I did know was that every time I had let go of a plan to follow the inspiration like that before, magic had occurred.

So, here’s the seventh secret in a nutshell…ready?


You probably thought, while reading this, that the seventh secret is
all about taking ACTION on a PLAN,
when the inspiration comes in,

But all that is really all about FAITH and TRUST…

And the only way to exercise that type of faith and trust is to

Manifesting a dream is, in my experience, “saying YES to our true intention (purpose) and everything that must come forth for it to unfold, so that we become co-facilitators of an experience way beyond our imagination for ourselves and others…so that we become true to Divine Intention.”

I had to create and plan and begin to implement it
before the inspiration could come through.

And then I had to let go of my original plan
(and the illusion of safety it gave me)

to make space for something even better to emerge.

And then I just had to deepen my connection and listen and
continue to take the steps as they came.

Scary stuff, I know. But totally worth it.

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