The Gift that Keeps On Giving

If I asked you to tell me your story,
what would you tell me?

Would it be a comedy or a tragedy?

Would it be a tale with themes of:
abuse, achievement, addiction, adventure, anxiety, betrayal, bullying, confusion, depression, evolution, fear, gratitude, healing, indignation, inspiration, joy, kismet, loss, love, meaning, neglect, overcoming, pain, pleasure, questioning, romance, seeking, success, suffering, trust, usurping, vertigo, whimsy, xenophobia, yielding, zeal, or ________

Would it be a story of:

  • an underdog proving them all wrong?
  • a lost soul or broken body making a comeback from terrible odds?
  • a hero overcoming evil or taking down a villain?
  • an ally sacrificing everything for a cause?

One of the most incredible lessons I’ve learned
through working with messengers is this: 

In any given moment, our answers to the questions above
can be different AND they can all be true.

But that is really challenging for our brain, which prefers to operate with clear, clean, and consistent narratives.

That’s why most of my clients have at least one moment when they wonder why in the world they hired me. 🙂

But I know that OUR STORY is
The Gift that Keeps on Giving… when we do the work.

When they are supported through the process of looking at their whole story, clients see a truer one emerge… an epic tale of reclaiming their self, their power, and their wholeness one word and choice at a time.

What my clients didn’t know for a long time was that
THEY are helping ME see my story more truly.

That’s why I had to invite a bunch of them to collaborate on a book in which we tell OUR STORY of healing through the process of engaging our individual stories.

You Can’t Make This St*ry Up is the perfect title for this book. You really might not believe what you’re reading, but you’ll be so glad you did.

If you are a creative or a coach, feeling stuck or unsuccessful, this book will help you to see the creative and coaching process through new eyes and give you permission to relax into the process and keep your eyes wide open for what’s happening for you.

Between now and the launch next month (January 21, 2022), I’d love it if you would consider helping us get this incredible message out to the creatives and coaches in your life. 

You can do this by:

  • Signing up to receive updates on the book release, sneak peeks, and opportunities to access Content, Classes, and Creative Cl*sters, and maybe win one of the Grand Prize Creative Cocoon Kits the collaborators curated (Total Value Included: $12,000) (Check out the details and an excerpt of the book HERE.)
  • Forwarding this and future email reminders to the creatives and coaches/therapists/helping professionals in your life
  • Sharing my posts about this project with your friends on Facebook and other social media platforms

Thank you in advance for any and all support!

What Readers are Saying

“Reading through these stories, it is clear that Amanda uses several well-known and even researched approaches, whether she knows it or not. Polyvagal breathing techniques, centered and grounded mindfulness approaches, cognitive-behavioral modeling, and even some smatterings of psychospiritual methods are intertwined to provide outcomes similar to that of narrative therapy. (And don’t forget the dark chocolate — there is research to demonstrate that it really does help us deal with dementors!)

From the perspective of ‘deep psychology,’ Amanda’s process emulates that of an ancient healing pedagogy of storytelling through writing. She encourages others to define what lies outside of our conscious awareness and may even illuminate that which an author may hold in an unconscious space: thoughts, impressions, and feelings which may not have not been previously admitted, even to oneself, including potential collective consciousnesses aspects with cultural and archetypal dimensions.

Amanda’s invitation is in the tradition of depth work — one in which the participant may observe, grapple with, and consider what it means to really heal, and then share that journey with others who may find connection and even hope through the process.”

Lonny R. Webb, MSV, LCSW
Clinical and Forensic Social Work

“YCMTSU is a great read! It’s a collection of stories written by writers from different walks of life who were encouraged to find a message in their messes and share it with others to make the world a better place. Each story is unique, authentic, and stands on its own. All together the book is a heart-warming compilation that reminds the reader we all have our stories and YCMTSU moments and their one purpose is to help one another not just survive but to thrive in this world. It inspired me to get busy and get my story out there. Thanks Amanda… and everyone!”

Kathleen Mizell

Author of Goo to Gratitude

You Can’t Make This St*ry Up!

It’s more than a book launch.

We’re giving away $10,000 of support
through the creative process.

I’m excited to launch this book alongside my clients-turned-friends on my birthday, January 21, 2022! 

But I’m even more excited that this group of messengers has rallied to create HUGE WIN-WIN-WIN opportunities for everyone who supports this launch.

  • Digital CONTENT to inspire, enlighten, and equip you to dive in to the creative process
  • Virtual CLASSES to help you navigate the messy parts
  • Virtual CL*STERS to give you access to our combined expertise and experience to help you sort through whatever creative cl*ster you are facing
  • Virtual CONNECTIONS/CONSULTATIONS with experts who can you complete your project with more ease and play, PLUS HUGE DISCOUNTS on programs that will support you through the process

For more details, an excerpts, and access, click HERE.

Sips of Story ‘n Sanity Podcast

Sips of Story ‘n Sanity: The St*ries Behind the Stories is a new team adventure designed to inspire aspiring creatives and other story junkies like us to look at Story through a whole new lens. We invite you to tune in to hear these st*ries behind the stories and entertain with us the real possibility that, whether you are a “teller” or a “consumer,” Story is always offering, or leading us to, an answer.

You can now find episodes on your favorite podcast platform in video and audio formats. 

Or you can click HERE to watch or listen.

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