Your Sacred Contribution

You've been inspired to bring something sacred to the world.

Maybe it's your message or story that you hope to
transform into a book, talk,
or coaching/consulting business.

Perhaps it's a new solution or paradigm for a
particular problem in the world that concerns you.

But you're not sure
where to start,
or you‘re just plain stuck.

In this 2-day event, you will be guided through the first three phases of the contribution-making journey:
Action, and Resistance.

Each exercise and interaction is carefully crafted to catalyze more claritycapacity, and community — the three ingredients required to actually tap into and sustain message magic and momentum.

Whether you are just starting to figure out what your contribution is, or stuck at some point on the journey, this experience will help you:

  • see how to change the world with your sacred contribution WITHOUT compromising your sanity or your soul
  • start to alchemize your story and expertise to create maximum impact on your audience, brand, and bottom line
  • know the down-and-dirty truth about publishing and monetizing your contribution
  • have the beginning of that safe cocoon structure you need for the transformative journey ahead [yes, putting your contribution into the world will help you face and resolve old st*ries, beliefs, and fears that would keep you from becoming the Contributing Change-Agent you desire to be] 

This workshop is NOT designed to give you a list of to–do’s that you will have to do when you go home [though you will have one simply because the whole project cannot be completed in a day]; it’s crafted to take you through a bunch of those steps with the help of a guide and allies.

If you're ready to get some work done,

join us!

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@ 9am 5pm PST

Your Investment: $997

When you sign up, you will be entered in a contest, in which the winner will receive a $5K discount on future programs with True To Intention.

Let's make sure this is a good fit for you!

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