Seriously? Wth was I thinking?

The first leg of my journey home from a life-changing retreat from Costa Rica…

3 hours in line, and just enough time to board and relax on a flight into Miami.

3.5 hours later, I was feeling grateful for a safe landing, but after waiting 45 minutes on the tarmac for our gate to become available, all of us passengers were beginning to freak out about making our connecting flights.

Finally. We’re off. It’s 8:10 pm. 50 minutes. I can make it. Right?

Passport checkpoint.
8:15 pm – The plane leaves in 45 minutes. Gonna stay positive and expect ease.

Customs checkpoint.
8:30 pm – Oh my goodness. The line is moving. Staying positive and expecting divine order. 

Connection flight terminal baggage check.
8:45 – Computer out. Backpack off. Shoes off. Purse. Phone. Pillow. Duffle.

Please let this be quick. I don’t know how far away my gate is. 

Looking at the flight board.
8:50 – Gate 48. Okay…let’s do this.

9:10 pm
“I’m sorry, ma’am. The plane left 10 minutes ago. We MIGHT be able to get you on the 7:00 am, but you’ll likely have to wait for the 8:30 pm tomorrow night.”

10 minutes. Only 10 minutes late. I’m sure this is all in divine order…

It was all in Divine Order, not because I was saved from a plane crash, but because as I laid there on the uncomfortable (but thankfully new and clean cot) and took a deep breath, feeling the adrenaline coursing through my body, it hit me…

I bet I could have made it if…

I had a rolling carry-on, instead of a damn duffle bag! 

My hands pulsated with pain, the skin feeling the beginning of blistering.

I’d carried that duffle bag at least a mile or two through the airport.

Not only was it HEAVY with clothes (half of which I never wore!), weighing me down…

But it also cost me several moments every time I had to bend over to set it down and pick it up, stop to switch it to the other shoulder, etc.

Wth was I thinking? Bringing a duffle bag instead of a rolling carry-on?

I laid there, on the cot, willing my breath to slow down and my body to relax, thinking about how this experience was a microcosm of the process I’ve been going through in my life and business the last two years…and apparently, is not complete quite yet.

The truth is that it didn’t even occur to me to bring a rolling carry-on when I was packing.


Because I was too busy making sure everyone else would be okay while I was gone?

– Caregiver schedules for the gramma.

– Food in the fridge for the boys.

– Love letters to fill their love tanks.

– Client projects back on their plate for review.

Because I was too exhausted from the last 7 weeks of divine chaos and sleep-deprivation to think clearly?

Because I was moving too fast and didn’t think beyond “I’ll just use my super-cute-and-meaningfully-messaged duffle bag”?

But no thought was given to: “How is this decision going to impact ME, my physical well-being, my vitality, my ability to get to my planes on time?”


I’ve been carrying a damn duffle bag when I could be rolling a carry-on, saving my body and mind and relationships and my business from complete exhaustion and depletion.

As I sit here, writing this, it occurs to me that I’ve been more focused on ‘unpacking the crappy beliefs, techniques, etc.” from my duffle bag for the last two years.

“Yep, this is mine.” Put it back in the duffle bag.

“Whoa! Where did that technique come from? Ewwww. That was hers.” Throw that one out (with love, of course).

And I don’t regret a moment of it…

Except I was still carrying a duffle bag…instead of using a rolling carry-on.

That’s exactly why I’ve started working with this new coach.

I’ve got the right stuff now.

I just need a container that doesn’t make me work harder than I need to.


Off to find/create that new container mindfully…

Because, honestly, that type of exhaustion is going to impact not just my physical well-being, but my relationships and business and…well, everything it’s impacted this week.

Now my criteria for a ‘rolling carry-on’ or ‘container’ for my LIFE and BUSINESS is now about what makes MY LIFE easier and FILLS MY TANKS… 

Not just rolling carry-on…I want it even easier than that. You know the ones that have wheels that go in any direction…quickly and smoothly? Yes, one of those! I want a container that allows me the flexibility I need to be a good mommy, wife, caregiver, friend, and coach.

Beauty, Art, Meaning
It has to be an expression of who I am. Messy art because stories are messy. Words that ignite a spark in my soul. I know I stay more focused and in love with what I’m doing when I’m surrounded by beauty and meaning, whether it’s client work or family hangout time or movie day with girlfriends.

I don’t want to check bags when I’m traveling if I can help it – too much time lost. I know that means that the business will only grow to ______ point if I keep the container smaller, but that feels better to me right now anyways. I want to focus on quality, not quantity.

Not too many compartments or components (programs, events, etc. in my business) or unnecessary activities and events. Given the rest of my life and how much I’m responsible for, I need things to be simple and easy to find and execute. I yearn for more time in meditation, yoga, and nature. I need the simplicity of restoring my own vitality so that I can more deeply enjoy being ALIVE.

Ah…I’m already feeling better.

Yes, it was all in divine order.

A small 10-minute delay was just enough to tell me that I’m on the right track, and this small shift of replacing the duffle bag with a rolling carry-on is the key to getting to my goals with more ease, energy, and excitement.


Would love to hear your thoughts!

Have you been carrying a duffle bag or using a rolling carry-on in your life?

What is your criteria for your next container?

What will add more ease, energy, and excitement to your journey?

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