Rewrite Your Story Retreat

 Finally alone at her desk, she took a deep breath, dropped her face into her hands, and let the tears fall.

What happened?

I had such a clear picture of where I was going – the book, the business, the life I want and know I can create.

But I’m stuck. I feel paralyzed.

She took another deep breath, trying to relax the growing tension in her body – tightening chest, stiff shoulders, and head ready to burst.

My book isn’t getting done. My business isn’t growing. My finances are a nightmare.

And now my relationships are falling apart.

Her whole frame shuddered with shame and regret.

What is wrong with me – that I can’t seem to pull myself together and get this done?

Maybe they’re right.

Maybe I am crazy to believe I could do this – change the world, make good money, and enjoy my life?

Maybe this is like everything else I’ve tried to do – just a pipe dream doomed to fail.

I do usually find a way to screw things up…




you’ve been inspired to help others 

you’ve set goals to write a book, grow a business, and create a life you love

you took some solid, promising steps forward


But now find yourself…

Stuck. Angry. Confused. Exhausted. Numb.

Tired of finding yourself in the exact same place, making the same old excuses.

Ready to say “F-U” to everything and give up on the dream.


You’re Not Alone.


Most of the Upside-Down People We Work With
Get Stuck At Some Point
(we all do!)


One or more of the following challenges come up to take us off-course:

Relationship issues suddenly crack open.

Streams of income disappear.

Projects stop moving forward with ease.


We believe that every single Upside-Down circumstance in one’s life is a Divine Invitation to
Rewrite Our Stories from Lies to Love,
so that we can share our story and help the world from
a more powerful, healed place.


You know the stories we’re talking about.
We all have them.

“I’m not _________ enough.”

“If I do this and shine too bright, people will leave me.”

“I always mess things up.”

“I’m just a dreamer – I don’t have the ability to execute.”

“I have to do it all by myself.”



Since these stories,
unattended to, unchallenged, and unhealed
will either keep you from your dreams,
quietly sabotage them as they begin to unfold,
or keep you from enjoying them when you’ve taken flight,
we facilitate quarterly…

rewrite story PageTearRedTop

This Program Includes:

Virtual Story Retreatcamp

(preretreat training with homework)

3 Days + 2 Night Retreat

(lodging + food included + aerial yoga + body work session)

Customized Story Rewrite & Plan

(retreat summary = Rewriting Your Story + Action Steps)


~ for those who are not already in a coaching program ~

1 Month of Cocoon Coaching Post-Retreat

(2 group calls + 2 Write Side Down Days+ 2 individual coaching calls 
= getting you rewriting + moving forward powerfully)

Rewrite Your Stor (1)

This is a small, intimate group experience,
so you’ll be sure to:

receive one-on-one coaching/support for your particular dreams and stories…

Yes, you’ll experience a combination of working on your own,
in pairs, in a group, and with me.

enjoy time to yourself to take steps to
heal your story + move toward your dream while you’re in the experience…

Yes, that means you’ll have time to work on
the book, the business, and your life…

You’ll also enjoy an Aerial Yoga class (for real-time lessons on Upside-Down)
+ a Bowen Therapy Body Work session (to help you physically release the old stories).

connect + fall in love with a like-hearted community that will have your back
well beyond the retreat and program…

and play + laugh + cry…

This is an EXPERIENCE that will remind you of:
who you were before the stories…
who you really are underneath them…
and who you will be when they are healed.

This EXPERIENCE will literally begin to
rewrite your story while you are in it…


and get a taste of what it’s like to live and love
through a healed and rewritten story…

Your dreams will come true more quickly and easily,
you will actually be able to enjoy the unfolding,
and you will know how to handle future upside-downs.
That’s right…Upside-Down is actually a good thing
when you know what’s happening.


[quote align=”center” color=”#663300″]

“When I started to work on my book and really look at my story, I found myself
in the process of some deep internal searching, and welling up
with feelings of guilt, regret, and overwhelm.
Suddenly, I was questioning almost every decision I had ever made, including my marriage.
I was completely upside-down, as Amanda would say.
Through the methodical exercises and support provided at the retreat,
I was able to break through those feelings and have been enjoying a very different experience
with myself, having come to peace with my decisions and my marriage.”

~ Anonymous ~



[quote align=”center” color=”#663300″]

“I came to the retreat because I needed to carve out a space where I could dig deep and
really focus on the impact and purpose of my book, without distractions and
with the support of those who wanted to do the same.
My favorite parts of the retreat were the exercises for clarity of focus,
removing and overcoming past roadblocks,
and the reframing work for all negative emotions and stories that came up.

Amanda is the perfect leader for this type of retreat as she has spent so much time on the work herself and can support you because she can so easily identify and reflect back to you
exactly what you need at the moment to successfully take the next step on your journey!”

~ Karen Aguayo-Bates, CPA ~



We believe you were given that Magic Egg for a reason:

To experience the magic yourself
and to share it with others…


What if you could find a way to
keep the old stories from robbing you
and the world
of the magic inside you?


If this Rewrite Your Story program feels
like an answer to your prayers,
then please listen to your heart and apply now
so that we can make sure this is the best next step for you.


We are offering ONLY 2 retreats this year,
so if you’re feeling the tug, 
or you have questions


No Obligation


~ Virtual Retreatcamp

April 23 – 24, 2015


~ LIVE Retreat

May 1 – 3, 2015


For a quick taste of what we do in this Intensive Program,
check out one of our Write Side Down Days.



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