My Angel Messenger – Ursula Mentjes

I remember sitting at my kitchen table, weeping, as her words reminded me of a power that I had completely forgotten – the power to choose my outcomes and co-create my life.

Sure, the book was about sales…but it wasn’t. The real message was that we have the power to intend and choose our outcomes, and change our results…and our lives.

And that was a message that I needed…right then…

Overwhelmed with the possibility of losing my marriage, being physically crippled by emotional pain, and having my dreams of changing the world and making a living crushed, I was losing hope…fast.

And then my angel messenger showed up, and reminded me that I not only still had some power…I had enough to change my life.


We spent the next two weeks emailing and chatting, discussing, developing, and tweaking. And then I went to her launch and watched as she inspired the crowd.

There’s something special about this one…

I was right. There IS something special about this one.

I have not only been blessed with her friendship and the opportunity to work on her 3 books over the course of the last 6 years, but she was the one who:

  • Cheered when she heard my One Great Goal to help parents raise unlimited children (6 years ago)


  • Didn’t laugh when I told her I intended to attract a Secret Teacher and celebrated when that Secret Teacher walked into my life


  • Helped me launch True to Intention and grow it by 250% in only 18 months


  • Constantly models heart-centered entrepreneurship and integrity better than anyone else I know


And today, her third book
Selling with Synchronicity
is launching!


 Please help us make her book an
Amazon Bestseller

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