Marlia Cochran

After acquiring two degrees in theological studies, and passionately serving youth and their families for ten years, Marlia Cochran found herself facing a health crisis that nearly killed her and her faith. Disillusioned with her life and raging at God, she sunk deeper and deeper until she reached death’s doorstep. Even after a miraculous healing, Marlia found herself disconnected and depressed, questioning God’s goodness, and asking Him to restore her “White Picket Fence.”

Where’s My White Picket Fence? is Marlia’s raw, personal account of her journey, shared on paper because when God answered her questions in the most surprising ways possible, Marlia accessed what she had really always craved – His Joy – and committed her life to helping other women walk the same journey of:

  • Uncovering and Eliminating the Surprising True Cause of Disillusionment
  • Practicing a Simple Process to Walk in Joy, Regardless of Circumstance
  • Developing the Intimacy with the Good Father We All Crave

What if our disillusionment isn’t really about the missing white picket fence?


“I started into the book development process thinking that I knew what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. The reality, however, was that when I tried to put pen to paper, I was truly lost. Enter Amanda. She heard my heart and helped me to hone in on my message, and then she walked beside me as I processed my own journey, healed my own story, and transformed my own life so that I could then share it in a powerful way that would facilitate the same transformation for others. She challenged me in areas that needed to be challenged and lovingly supported me through every 'upside-down' that came as I grew into my own message. Throughout the entire writing process, she encouraged me to a deeper level allowing the reader to see more of the healing while still helping me to stay true to my voice, making the finished product authentic to who I am and what I’ve been called to share.”

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