Lisa Arreguin

When singer-songwriter Lisa M. Arreguin was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, she returned to the one thing she knew could heal her—music. A few years later, her first song had catapulted her into completion of a full album, a thriving songwriting and production business, a non-profit that inspires underserved youth, a transformational vocal coaching business, and collaboration with phenomenal musicians on award-winning songs.

Knowing firsthand the power of one great song, Lisa is driven to help other songwriters become Crazybrave in their mission to hone their craft and change the world with their music.

In The CrazyBrave Songwriter, she shares her spiritual approach to songwriting through inspiring stories, song-building and soul food lessons, and simple tools that will help you:

  • Spark Inspiration + Find Your Song
  • Listen to the Story of Your Life + Share It Powerfully
  • Build Solid Songwriting Skills with Form + Structure
  • Acquire Tools to Stay Creatively Healthy
  • Connect and Collaborate Without the Drama
  • Launch Your Music with More Confidence
  • Learn How to Finish Strong + Enjoy the Songwriting
  • Journey Again and Again

If you’ve been struggling to get back to your music, or finish that song, this book was written just for you.

Find your Song. Discover a Piece of Your Heart.


“When I first attended Amanda’s book writing retreat, I had a sneaking suspicion that I might want to write a book someday. After the first day of her remarkable retreat, I was sure that I had to give it some real effort. Then I got busy. I wrote, discarded, got stuck, abandoned the process, wrote some more, cried, rested, and then tried writing again. After licking my wounds for more than two agonizing years, I finally did what I should have done in the first place — I hired Amanda to help me develop my book. Throughout the process, she helped me think about book creation in a completely different way.

Working with her was like having a good friend, confidant, and master teacher helping guide me toward the light of book manifestation. Since completing the book, I’ve landed a deal with my target publisher, have worldwide book distribution and, as I write this, am on the eve of my first big book launch. I have no doubt that my little book will resonate with many people primarily because I kept my nose to the grindstone and was guided by someone who challenged me and supported me in the process. Do yourself a tremendous favor and hire Amanda to support your book writing vision. It will be well worth it!”

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