Key #5 – Turn Your Resolutions into a Revolution

If you’ve read my stuff or heard me speak, you have probably heard me share the story of a magical few weeks I spent with my son, witnessing Magic Eggs become Crazed Caterpillars that stuffed their faces and then went Upside-Down when it was time for them to create a Cocoon – a safe place where they could dissolve into goo and then re-organize their material to become a butterfly. And that wasn’t the end. Then they had to break out of the cocoon, strengthen their wings, and take the first leap off the branch – all to ensure that their species continued and, of course, delight all who witnessed their beauty.

The butterfly’s journey clearly unfolded according to a deeply embedded blueprint. Somehow, every phase started and ended at the perfect time, and in the perfect order, to result in a gorgeous creature’s emergence and flight.

At the time, I knew this was a divine message about my approach to parenting. When I met my son, I somehow knew that he already had everything inside of him (a Divine Blueprint, if you will) to become who he is meant to be…and my job was really just to nurture and protect it while he became.

This experience affirmed my inner knowing. And a philosophy of parenting…and life…was formed.

So when I got hit with this awe-inspiring lightning bolt (a very clear vision of a message I am on the planet to share) and found myself on a journey oh-so-similar to the one I witnessed with the Magic Eggs, it was easier for me to trust the process…as if it was unfolding according to a Divine Blueprint.

It sure seemed like it anyways! I organized a series of 7 children’s books pretty quickly, found a talented illustrator, attracted a celebrity strategic partner, and went to work on the next step that presented itself to me.

There was only one problem.

Every time I sat down to write the book, it argued with me.

Yes, you read that right.


For those of you who are already authors, or who have spent any amount of time writing content, you know what I’m talking about.

Content talks back.

You tell them it’s time to go, and they say, “No! I’m not ready!”

You tell them to go in one direction, and they say, “No, write about THIS topic first. It’s more fun!”

You tell them to be clear and concise, and they ramble on and on and on.

They are just like kids…specifically, those two and three-year-old kids who are hell-bent on getting their own way.

But seriously…I’m talking crazy, right?

Is it really possible for a book, signature talk, curriculum, or any piece of content really, to talk back? To have a mind…or an intention of its own?


That’s probably a topic best hashed out by quantum physicists…

But after a decade of helping new messengers raise…I mean, write…their books, signature talks, and curriculum, here’s what I’d like to invite you to consider.

What would happen if you TREATED the
book/talk/curriculum (Content) like a child?

If you are an Authoritarian Messenger, then:

  • You’ll start with a crystal clear vision of the end product you are destined to create (a well-crafted book/talk/curriculum that increases your credibility, visibility, and profitability). My child is going to be a doctor – I mean, a bestseller/cash machine!

  • Whenever the Content talks back, you’ll spank its smart mouth (no, I’ve never done that to my kid, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about it in the moment) and tell it to go back to doing what it’s expected to do…or else you’ll throw your computer out the window!

  • If the Content goes off-course, you’ll make it go back to the beginning and do it right…darn it!

  • You will likely end up with a rebel, minion, or model narcissist piece of Content. At some point, that Content will wake up, go to therapy, and blame all of its problems on you!

If you are a Hippie Messenger, then:

  • You’ll start with the idea that the Content has its own destiny, and your job is to just allow it to come through you.

  • If the Content talks back, you’ll smile and congratulate it for having an opinion and let it eat all the sugar it wants. (Content + Sugar = Danger. Trust me, I know from experience.)

  • Whenever it starts to go off-course, you’ll let it drag you around until you don’t even know where you started.

  • You will likely end up with a free-thinking, wildly-curious brat that insists on getting its way. And at some point, you’ll find ways to give yourself longer and longer time-outs from it.

If you are an Intentional Messenger, then:

  • You’ll spend time in the beginning, and every day, gazing into its soul and asking: “Why are you here? What are you going to become? How can I help you?”

  • You will create healthy boundaries to keep it safe and on-course. (Content freaks out without boundaries!)

  • When it talks back, you’ll stop what you’re doing, make contact, and ask what it’s upset about and what it really wants. Maybe it’s got something to teach you!

  • You will love spending time with this Content because with every word, story, and lesson, it reminds YOU of what’s important and shows YOU how to be a better person.

  • You will likely end up with a powerful, revolutionary force of nature that feels complete, knows its purpose, and positively impacts everyone it touches.


What kind of Messenger do you want to be?

What kind of Content do you want to raise/write?

What kind of relationship do you want to have with it
when it’s moved out and onto the bookshelf and the stage?

In my experience, the inspiration to share a message is a Divine Invitation to a deeper Divine Relationship with:

  • YOUR PURPOSE (What value do I add to the world today?)

  • YOUR MESSAGE (What am I meant to share?)

  • YOU (Who am I? What do I stand for? How do I want to be remembered?)

  • YOUR CO-AUTHOR (Was I not created for this? How do I co-create this Content and share it?)

Are you ready to RSVP to the adventure…and raise, I mean, write that Content?

If you are, then check out my Get Your Book/Talk Done and Give Your Message Wings in 2017 program. 

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