Karlyn Pleasants, PsyD

It started with smoke.

It only took a moment for the Driscoll family’s quiet life to catch fire. Disappearances into churches, murmurs of mental illness, and secrets long buried threaten to destroy their once-happy home.

Feathers from the Fire is the soul-stirring tale of one family’s daring attempt to transcend the trappings of fear, stigma, and generational pain by following the signs, leaning on allies, digging for the truth, and holding onto the hope that there is more than meets the eye.

Dr. Karlyn Pleasants has alchemized the wisdom of her twenty- five years of developing therapeutic community programs for individuals with complex mental illnesses and her love of legend and synchronicity into an unforgettable journey that demonstrates the power of curiosity, truth-telling, and love.

What is possible when we look for the stories behind the stories?

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Joining True To Intention’s Cocoon Community was like entering a literary haven of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. I was welcomed with open arms and instantly knew I had found a safe and supportive family that would shepherd me through my writing journey.

Amanda, with her visionary intuition and magical compass, helped me navigate the intricate and sometimes thorny landscape of telling my story, providing extra personal and tender support through the surprises and unexpected twists that emerged in my writing process. Her wisdom and ever-present guiding hand turned what seemed like a daunting and messy path into a clear and achievable adventure.

The camaraderie and rallying support of this community of fellow storytellers, in person and online, made it possible for me to write my story authentically with my message delivered clearly. My experience with True To Intention brought clarity to the bewildering aspects of the writing journey, helped prepare me for the publishing process, and introduced me to many special and talented humans that I know are now forever-friends. I wholeheartedly endorse this community to any aspiring writer seeking a supportive and empowering space in which to embark on their literary adventure!"

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