John Gray

John Gray was in the middle of what most would call a mid-life crisis. With his marriage falling apart, his carpet-cleaning business on the brink of failure, his relationship with his children disappearing, and his faith being rocked to its core, John asked the age-old question “Why isn’t this getting better, no matter what I do?” and was startled when God began to speak to him as one Carpet-Cleaner to another.
Using the unique process John had developed for correcting (not cleaning) carpets, God showed him how to remove the reappearing ‘spots’ in his life—spots that had accumulated and soiled his life over the course of an extremely dysfunctional childhood and messy past, including decades of substance abuse, a train wreck of a first marriage, and a one-sided relationship with his Creator.

In this raw account, John shares the Restorative Carpet Cleaning Process that he developed for his clients and the parallel step-by-step guide God gave him to restore his entire life, making it possible for him to:

  • Heal Re-Appearing Spots in His Life + Relationships
  • Achieve His Dreams + Enjoy Life through the Wicking Process
  • Become the Man He Knows He is Here to BE

If you want to start preventing, correcting, and eliminating pain-in-the-neck, re-appearing life and carpet spots, this book is for you.

Only you can eliminate those spots and restore your life to radical, clean happiness.


When I found Amanda, I had already put countless frustrating hours into a manuscript of one hundred or so pages.

I believed in my story, not only because I had managed to transform my life, but also because people always told me it was powerful for them to witness when I shared it. But when I finished my initial manuscript, it was nothing like I hoped it would be, which felt like a wet blanket on a life dream. And that REALLY pissed me off.

I decided to enlist Amanda’s support, and I’m glad I did, because I wanted to be able to ‘swim with the sharks’ so to speak; and now I feel certain that I can and most certainly will.

I love her Message Matrix and coaching style. Her ability to communicate, articulate, coach, and empathize even when it DOES get messy was not only helpful to me through the process, but it was a powerful model for me to learn how to do the same with my clients.

Because of our work together, I have now produced and published a book that I am more than proud of, created a signature speech that moves people and sells my products (without even trying), and created a signature program that restores relationships and trains people so their lives and relationships are totally transformed.

The results are astounding.

With Amanda’s support, I was able to see how I could integrate my previous brand with this one. This not only allowed me to easily leverage all of my expertise, but it prevented me from feeling like I had to create a completely different persona for the page and the stage. Essentially, I have been able to not only monetize my passion, but also leverage my messes, my message, and my overall life experiences in a step-by-step process that inspires and impacts people more than I ever thought possible.

I wanted her support as much as I knew I needed it. So glad and proud of my decision to enroll! I am forever grateful to her and her team, and highly recommend enrolling into her program. You’ll be glad you did.

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