Jenée Dana

Learn the secrets to better grades and more fun from Productivity Expert Jenée Dana, who graduated UCLA in 3 years and still had a blast, in spite of struggling with ADHD and undiagnosed reading disabilities!

• Decide if the 3-Year Plan is the Right One for You

• Create Your Plan: Figure Out What YOU WANT and WHY You Want It

• Get Good Grades with Less Effort (still effort…but less of it)

• Drop the Schedule Wedgie: Balance Your Schedule so You’re Successful in School and Have Time for Fun!


“Working with True to Intention has been amazing for my business! When I came to the first meeting, I knew I wanted to write a book, but I had no idea what it would be about. In ten minutes of coaching, I had a book idea I was excited about AND A WHOLE NEW MARKET IN MY BUSINESS. It wasn’t long after that when my brand – Have Fun & Get It Done – emerged from one of our sessions and skyrocketed my business. Suddenly, I had six words that captured everything about me AND what I want to share with the world. Wow!

As soon as I began the program and saw my new market, huge doors began to open for my business. I’ve interviewed celebrities, I’ve partnered with big brands, and I’ve developed amazing curriculum to support students and entrepreneurs Have Fun & Get It Done. Oh, and my book not only became a bestseller, it’s won several awards and helped me to launch a super fun speaking career.”

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