Janise Graham

If you had to leave your business tomorrow,
could you do it with style?

When Grace Tena's sister died of cancer, her small business imploded and her family suffered. Grace vowed to do whatever was necessary to ensure that her own extremely successful company and family would not suffer the same fate if she were visited by an unforeseen criss.

She had no idea where to start
until she met Janise.

Leaving In Style is the story of Grace discussing the many aspects of succession planning with business strategist, Janise Graham. Together, they draft a plan that ensures her business will thrive through any unexpected transition and brings her peace of mind.

Combining her business savvy with her love of fashion, Janise's framework for succession planning made it easy for Grace and will make it easy for you to:

  • differentiate between pre-planning and crisis planning
  • increase stability with your team
  • build equity in the business
  • identify essential employees and their commitment level
  • recruit the right professional team players
  • facilitate effective annual meetings
  • prepare to exit your business with style

If you have a successful business that relies heavily on your presence to survive and thrive, this book is for you.

You can leave in style.
All you need is a strong plan.

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“Amanda is an amazing coach! She is extremely patient and was always focused and present during our structure sessions. Her attention to detail helped me add context and depth to my characters and storyline. I would highly recommend… correction, I have recommended Amanda to anyone who has asked about my book and the writing process.”

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