Finding + Being a Powerful Coach

“Welcome,” he started with a sincere smile. “We are REALLY excited that you’re here…”

I continued to listen to his words as he shared his story and his intentions for our time together at this first of three LIVE trainings, but after years of hard lessons in listening to my gut, I was paying attention to much more – his tone, volume, inflection, body language, micro-expressions, and especially his eyes.

The more he shared his philosophy of business and life alignment, the more my soul and body relaxed into the back-jack on the yoga studio floor.

The more I watched him interact with his wife and staff and clients in between sessions, the more I believed that this isn’t just a philosophy – it is his way of life.

The more he ‘gave the floor’ to his staff with such honor and respect for them and their particular craft/expertise, the deeper I listened when he shared his own expertise.

The more I watched him engage and answer questions, the more I believed it when he said, “I’m not a guru. I’m a life-long student.”

The more I saw him hug and laugh and play and enjoy one of his artistic pursuits, and then take the time he needed to refuel himself, the more excited I became that this could be my life someday.

The moment I heard him say, “Yeah, we could have easily turned that into a million-dollar revenue stream, but it just didn’t light me up,” I knew…


He’s the real deal.

The philosophy…and the life to back it up.

The deep expertise…and the staff to fill any gaps.

The love and respect of the people who interact with him every single day.

The affection and support of his wife.

The transparency of someone who is still doing his own personal work.

And the integrity to take responsibility when the tiniest breach occurred.


And the listening…


When I answered questions, he heard the stuff I didn’t say.

And when he asked me if he was hearing it correctly, I brimmed with tears.


He heard me.


Someday, when I grow up.

I wanna be like him.


Funny thing…

When I read the letters my friends, colleagues, and family members wrote in answer to the question: “What are Amanda’s strengths?”, they said…









So, the coach I craved is basically ME, but with more experience and practice and love in their life.

Yep, all of the amazingly gifted and good-hearted coaches I’ve had the fortune of training with over the last decade…the same was true with each of them.

And the ones that were hard lessons…

They were missing something that was a key ingredient to my definition of success: 

  • Honesty/Transparency/Integrity

  • Kindness/Love/Listening


Reminds me of what I’m always telling people who are choosing between working with me and working with another coach:

“Read a few of the books that I’ve worked on and a few of the books the other coach has worked on, and go with the one whose results are most aligned with what you want your book to look and feel like.”

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