Dr. Niki Elliott

Are you someone who seems to absorb the physical or emotional energy of those around you? Do you know what’s happening to other people days, even months before they tell you? If so, you are not alone!

In I Feel Your Pain, Niki Elliott shares a powerful and deeply personal years-long journey of accepting her intuitive gifts—transforming her initial fear, overwhelm, and pain into peace, possibility, and empowerment. This life-changing book offers a 7-step process that will enable you to:

  • Understand what it means to be an intuitive empath
  • Release the myths and fears that cause you to avoid your intuitive abilities
  • Learn specific techniques for maintaining healthy energetic boundaries
  • Discover your own intuitive profile and ways to keep yourself physically healthy and emotionally grounded
  • Serve and support others without absorbing their emotional or physical pain
  • Use your intuitive abilities confidently in ways that help you, not hurt you

I Feel Your Pain delivers a grounded, mainstream approach to understanding what it means to be an empath or intuitive. The practical guidance and insights presented in this book will fast-track the integration of your innate, intuitive abilities into a life of vitality, empowerment, and inner peace.


When I found Amanda, I was stuck with an outline of my second book. I had the entire framework in place, but knew something was missing. Because of that ‘missing something,’ I was unable to get into the flow of writing. I contacted Amanda and asked her to review my outline, and she immediately pinpointed the missing element—my personal story. Being a very private person, I have a hard time sharing my vulnerabilities and challenges; but Amanda helped me realize that those stories were exactly what my readers need in order to connect with me and to see their own potential for healing and transformation. Over the next few coaching sessions, she actually worked with me to craft my stories, one for each chapter of the book. She ignored all of my whining and excuses for not showing up and at the end of three weeks, we had seven powerful stories that perfectly captured the essential message. After the stories were on paper, the rest of the book flowed in an amazing way and was completed in less than six months. The most exciting thing I receive are letters of gratitude from people around the world that I have never met who tell me that my book…and my stories…gave them hope for living.

I now am an internationally known thought leader because Amanda helped me get my books, curriculum, and online courses launched. I'm grateful she insisted that I prioritize my stories over the academic and technical knowledge I wanted to share. She helped me become a brave messenger, and I’m proud of my finished products.”

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