Darlene Merkler

Are you worried about your aging parents and feeling clueless about how to help
them prepare for what’s ahead?

After three decades in senior health care, helping families navigate the challenges of finding the best places and resources for their aging parents, Darlene Merkler and the many professionals who work with her clients have collaborated to support Baby Boomers like you with this comprehensive guide.

In The Complete Resource Guide for Baby Boomers, you will learn from experts in Elder Law, Financial Planning, Placement, Health Insurance, Pre-Planning, Naturopathic Health, Conflict Resolution, and so much more.

  • Understand the basics around insurance, placement, and potential support personnel and services
  • Develop your own team of experts and know the questions to ask on behalf of your loved one
  • Identify and access various resources and benefits available to set up and pay for end-of-life care
  • Manage the emotional journey of caring for a loved one and create solutions that work for everyone involved
  • Create a strategic plan and make empowered choices to prevent unnecessary financial and emotional challenges

Don’t wait for something to happen.
Empower yourself and your loved one now.
Walk this journey with intention.


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