Do you feel like you are stuck in a role that you just cannot escape?

Are you tired of being caught in the same st*ry loop—
facing off with the same self-sabotaging behaviors and villains over and over again?

How much serious work—therapy, coaching, quests, etc.—have you done to stop this mess?

Under all of the scripts and behaviors are the unspoken and even unconscious contracts that we have made—with others, with ourself, and with Life Itself.

These unconscious contracts often operate in direct conflict with our conscious dreams,
which is why it’s hard for us to get any traction as we move toward them.

What if your greatest desire is to share your wisdom with the world,
but you’ve made an unconscious agreement to play the role of The Invisible or Peace-making One?

Maybe your desire is to become a model of self-leadership,
but you’ve made an agreement to play the role of The Suffering Savior or Victim?

When I walked away from the st*ry matrix, I freed myself from the external villains.

And when I was done celebrating and recovering from the abuse, I looked up and realized that I was still playing some of the same roles with the people who came with memy husband, my son, my clients, and even my Co-Author.

It took a taboo story and a two-year legal battle to learn the lesson around contracts, but when I began getting intentional about uncovering and renegotiating the unconscious contracts, my life changed rather quickly and dramatically.

So, how do you unearth one of these contracts, let alone rewrite it?
Our answer is, “With story and a good dose of absurdity.”

Once I realized how this contract-writing was changing my life, I started testing it out with my clients.

When I saw the same enlightening and empowering awareness and rewrites, I realized it was time to make this available to as many people as possible.

Jump into this 40-day quest—
designed to help you play your way through:

  • Identifying the unspoken and/or unconscious contract that is keeping you stuck in your current role and st*ry loop
  • Addressing, healing, and grieving your old role and the pain it created in your life
  • Remembering and reclaiming a truer version of yourself
  • Crafting a new, conscious, intentional agreement with others, yourself, and/or Life Itself

Check Out What Participants are Saying 

This workshop was quite the comedic game-changer for me. The bare, facade-less reflections I walked away with were absolutely pivotal to the shifts in perspective that my life, my work, and my relationships with others and myself so desperately needed. This type of contract work with Amanda has up-leveled the quality of my work, dramatically increased my income, and enhanced my trust between myself and the universe. I will be making this a regular muscle-strengthening habit so I can be very conscious about the verbal and not-so-verbal contracts I enter into.

~ Alyssa Noelle Coelho

My brain fought and resisted and refused to participate in this exercise, so I journaled about the resistance while the other participants did the work. The sharing that took place afterwards was hysterical and so gosh darn powerful. Despite the resistance, I was able to rewrite a contract I didn’t even know I had—one that had been creating a lot of confusion and limitation in my life. I was set free and totally empowered to be more of who I am meant to be in less than 2 hours—with more fun and laughter than I’d had in a long time!

~ Theddee Rheyshelle

Coming Soon

What would you pay to stop a self-sabotaging behavior that had been with you for decades?
What would you pay to experience a new relationship with Life that led
to more ease and a significant increase in your income?

Your Investment: $200

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