Assaf Raz

"You could have stopped it..."

On the eve of the United States’ second Civil War in 2024, these words haunt the man who had prepared for this very moment. As he picks up the phone to make a choice that will determine the fate of the country, he can’t help but reflect on the final moments of the old world back in 2020 and the thousands of brutal steps that led him here.

When the Dragon pandemic stopped the world in 2020, Retired Marine Colonel Tanner Washington held his breath and his wife and children close as he watched the events unfold. As the country his family had served for generations descended into fear, social unrest, and the slippery slopes his grandfather had warned against, Tanner was forced to decide between two worlds and face the aftermath of his final answer to the question:

How far would I go to protect my family?

Lockdown 2020 - Descent is the first installation of The Old Glory Saga, an alternate history dystopian series.

Book 1 - Stack


My first intuition about Amanda Johnson was, "I need to work with her." After reading her site front to back, our chat was the final confirmation.

Amanda masterfully led me through the development phase of my book. She ensured the road was clear from our first meeting until the end. Through the weekly meetings, WhatsApp banter, and updating our team Excel, the book took shape, led by her invisible hand. I felt guided.

It was a grueling process, considering the surprising enormity of the project—nearly 1500 manuscript pages in 7 months. There were moments when I felt like quitting. Ultimately, there was no other option. 'If not me, then who? If not now, then when?'

Since seeing the film, Pulp Fiction, I always looked to find the Wolf—the ultimate fixer. Amanda was that for me and so much more. If you ever dream about Authorship, check out this Oracle."

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