We can't wait to hear your YCMTSU st*ry!

Thank you for helping us show the whole world that the #YCMTSU magic (and mess) is always at work on our behalf—on everyone’s behalf.

Our request is—mostly for your st*ry-healing benefit—is that you write the truest version of the story of how this book came to you, why it was the perfect moment (what you were facing, struggling with, ready to quit, etc.), and how it helped you (uncover the sticky st*ry keeping you from finishing the project, realize the struggle with clients is really around st*ry collisions you can now lean into and heal, shift your energy and get back into the flow, etc.). Of course, there's always other magic at play—like reading it at the park and seeing a woman with a tattoo with a rabble of butterflies and an inscription that says, "Let it hurt and then let it go." We want ALL those yummy details!

We'll let you know when we receive your submission, ask you for permission to post all or parts of it on our website, and then share it on our Sips of Story 'n Sanity podcast and social media platforms. And who knows! Maybe there will be a sequel or a series in the future. 

Oh, and if you're willing, we'd love a headshot of you holding the book in your favorite reading spot!

Max. file size: 300 MB.
Max. file size: 300 MB.
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