Date:March 09, 2015

Claudia Cooley

Accelerate your success and enjoy the ride.

 “Millions of men around the world are looking for the success strategies
shared in this book.”

Sean Gupta, Wall Street Based Investment Banker


Professional Success, Life Enrichment, and Image Expert Claudia Cooley shares the insights, tools, and strategies she has used for three decades to transform Duds into Studs and empower them to achieve their goals with more ease and fun. With additional wisdom gathered from highly successful men across multiple industries, this book promises to give you what you need to accelerate your success and live a rich life.

In this seriously lighthearted book, Claudia will show you how to:

  • Create Your Own Definition of Success & Map the Journey to Your Mountain Top


  • Ignite Your Personality & Become the Leader that Others Want to Follow


  • Access Your Internal GPS to Stay on Course in Spite of Pot Holes and Other Challenges


  • Keep Your Engine Purring with Easy Strategies for Health and Wellness


  • Sweeten Your Ride’s Features to Make Memorable First Impressions


  • Leverage the Unwritten Rules of the Road in Business to Attract the
    People, Money, and Opportunities You Desire


  • Build Solid Relationships to Make the Journey Fulfilling


  • Leave a Legacy of Contribution and Enjoy the Ride


It’s time to put the pedal to the metal.
Your mountain top is waiting for you!


Claudia Cooley is a Motivational Speaker, Author, and Life Enrichment Coach who empowers success seekers to discover their worth, strengths, and beauty, and build on those to enhance their personal and professional lives. On a mission to inspire men and women to live their most empowered life, she founded Claudia Cooley, Inc., a Professional Success and Life Enrichment company, through which she provides workshops, programs, and products designed to immediately expand self esteem, heighten confidence, inspire meaningful relationships, optimize health, and facilitate spectacular results. As an accomplished image consultant, coach, and professional consultant, she shares dynamic methods to empower professionals to express their unique gifts, style, and dreams; and in doing so, she facilitates increased happiness, fulfillment, and real significance in lives across the country.

Her passion for educating others in Marketing, Personal Communications, Career Transitions, Image, and Maximizing Potential, was ignited while she was a high school teacher and led her to establish her consulting company in 1982. For three decades, Claudia’s high-energy, heartfelt, and easy approach has transformed professionals in both the corporate and small business arenas and made her a highly sought-after trainer. A gifted coach, she knows that true success is cultivated within when one has the tools and skills to live a rich life – one that thrives with powerful communication, honest relationships, and a legacy that empowers others.

A vibrant speaker, Claudia delivers high energy talks to audiences everywhere. Her clients include entrepreneurs, authors, business leaders, and individuals committed to live a life they love – one that allows them to live personal excellence, and to give to others powerfully. She is also the Fashion Editor of Scoop LA where she interviews highly successful, leading experts in the fashion field to give an up close and personal look at their attitudes about image, success, and living a uniquely expressed life.

Claudia has drawn on her own life experiences to create her dynamic company. Long relationships are one of her most valued treasures, as she has enjoyed over fifty years of marriage to the man of her dreams, has three amazing children with beautiful hearts and staying power of their own, and now enjoys seven magnificent, wonderfully talented, independent, and inspiring grandchildren.

She will say life isn’t always easy, but learning how to weather the storms, grow from within, and enjoy the warmth of the sun when it returns is the answer to a happy, fulfilled, and magnificent life.

“Don’t leave one stone unturned that could take you to your endless possibilities.”