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Detours + Shortcuts

I sat stunned on the cool leather couch, letting the words reverberate through me… “Mark my words…this shortcut will haunt you!” At first glance, the movie is ridiculous, crude, and…well…ridiculous and crude. I rolled my eyes constantly when I saw it in 2008, which is, non-coincidenta

A “Meaning-Full” Break

It was almost a full after my son had broken his wrist, and I was texting my girlfriend/business strategist the details of my experience in the ER… And then…this BIG, TEDDY BEAR DOCTOR… walks into the room and says, “I’m the one who gets to put it back together.” And, without a machin

“She knew (it would happen) with time and love…”

You guys… This is so funny. Really. I’m right in the middle of what I am always coaching other MessagePreneurs through. And…I have to tell you a little about the war that’s going on inside because it’s real for me right now… I intended to launch my new brand Upside-Down Amanda and re-

“I’m doing this because…”

“Just my two cents. You already know this stuff. Maybe you just need to trust yourself. That’s a lot of money.” The divine timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I had just opened up a Word doc and written, “Subject: ‘I’m doing this because…’” when I heard the ‘ding, ding’ of Faceboo