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“Just let go.” Ya, right. :)

Dang it. Dang it. Dang it. It’s Friday? And I am just now sitting down to write a blog? It was supposed to GO OUT today. Well, I guess that is PERFECT, given the topic for today…or should I say this month!  (sigh) I’m grateful that moments are always Divinely Orchestrated to make sure

“There he goes, flying through the air in his underwear…”

OMGoodness. Did he read the letter wrong? What if he didn’t understand? What if he doesn’t get to go? He’s telling everyone as if it’s a sure thing… He’s setting himself up for disappointment… I have to make sure he understands… I waited til we were alone in the car to talk to him abo

Gratitude, In Many Forms

Happy “Focused Gratitude Day”! A little something about Gratitude for everyone… An Exercise that Helped Me Fall Back in Love with Life during my last Upside-Down: What Brings You Joy? A peek at the next thing I’m getting ready to launch and access to my new (FR*EE) Upside-Down Surviva

“I see you…”

It was a few brief moments, orchestrated over the course of 4 days… Moments that I could have easily missed, if not for the first one… Moments that were, without a doubt, divinely masterminded to say, “I see you, Amanda…” The first moment… He forgot to set his alarm and raced through