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Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Storytelling

I wiped the tears away and tried to catch my breath, as the laughter racked my whole body and doubled me over. I cannot believe she is telling this story. Twenty plus of my dad’s family members and closest friends were also doubled over in laughter. How could they not be? She was lite

Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Presence and Power

I introduced him and then left the room to grab some paper and pens. When I walked back in 30 seconds later, it had already happened…   Everyone had leaned forward. All eyes were wide and fixed on him. They were riveted.   Amazing. Every time, I thought to myself as I

Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Brand and Legacy

The shock and sadness settled over the room like a heavy blanket. It had only been three days, and some of them had found out within the last 24 hours. I looked around the circle of family and friends, and their swollen, wet eyes, blotchy skin, and dark circles. “Thank you all for com

Key #5 – Turn Your Resolutions into a Revolution

If you’ve read my stuff or heard me speak, you have probably heard me share the story of a magical few weeks I spent with my son, witnessing Magic Eggs become Crazed Caterpillars that stuffed their faces and then went Upside-Down when it was time for them to create a Cocoon – a

Carol Savoie

What if you could kick your smoking habit for good? After 35 years of addiction, Carol Savoie (Licen
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Sandy Cappelli

“This was not the story I wanted to write… or publish.” After deepening her faith through the diffic
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Renee Cabourne

Do you feel like you can’t get ahead in the Money Game? What if you could create your own rules and
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