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Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Teaching

“Okay, this is the best place for you to learn how to use a stick shift…” I looked up to see my early childhood home, the barn where I’d helped my dad milk cows, and the corrals where I’d helped him deliver calves. I smiled as all of those memories floated across my mind’s eye and we

Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Going Above and Beyond

My dad’s memorial was like none I’d ever witnessed. Most memorials have a somber, sacred quality, as family and friends gather to share their fondest memories and essentially saint the loved one who has passed. Well, we did that. And also… Because of stories my brother chose to share

Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Storytelling

I wiped the tears away and tried to catch my breath, as the laughter racked my whole body and doubled me over. I cannot believe she is telling this story. Twenty plus of my dad’s family members and closest friends were also doubled over in laughter. How could they not be? She was lite

Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Presence and Power

I introduced him and then left the room to grab some paper and pens. When I walked back in 30 seconds later, it had already happened…   Everyone had leaned forward. All eyes were wide and fixed on him. They were riveted.   Amazing. Every time, I thought to myself as I

Ettie Rutherford

Discover your worth. Take action. Soar toward your goals. Outstanding educator and transformational
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Jackie VanCampen

Changing Your Life Is as Simple as Listening to Your Heart After more than two decades of living and
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Carol Savoie

What if you could kick your smoking habit for good? After 35 years of addiction, Carol Savoie (Licen
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