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My Hungry Heart, by Tami Dempsey

My heart, O God, hungers after Yours I want to know You…I want to know You Teach me Your ways, show me Your heart I want to know You, I want to know You more I want to know who You are I want to know what You love I want to know just where Your favor rests And that’s right where I’ll

Stretched Into Capacity

It was exactly two years ago that a still, small voice inside of me whispered, “Yoga.” I ignored it, of course. I don’t have time for yoga classes. And then I heard it again. “Yoga.” Again, I ignored it. I can’t afford yoga classes. This went on for months, and then one day, I noticed

Grieving Dreams

“Can you talk? I need to process something.” It was early, even for her, to be sending me a text for support. She must be way upside down. I decided to just call her back. “Hey, Sister, what’s up?” “I can’t stop crying, and it doesn’t make any sense. I couldn’t work yesterday…I can’t

Investing in the Dream

It was a no-brainer for me, but she didn’t see it for herself right away. As her friend, I shared what I saw for her, “This isn’t about you learning from her as much as it is about you positioning yourself to work with her. You’re ready.” By the end of the day, she had taken the leap