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Dare to Dream – Secret #6

Oh my goodness! She’s gonna think I’ve totally lost it. I think I’ve totally lost it! I giggled out loud as I listened to it ring and go to voicemail. “Hey, I just had the CRAZIEST IDEA. Please call me as soon as you can. I need someone to listen and tell me if I’ve totally lost it.”

Dare to Dream – Secret #5

“Amanda, can you recommend a designer for the interior of the book?” “No, I’m sorry.” (Three months later.) “Oh no! That person was awful and so expensive! They didn’t get me at all, and now I’ve wasted all this money and time!” ………………. “Amanda, where do I go to get the books produced

Dare to Dream – Secret #4

“Amanda, you did such a phenomenal job on this project. You’ve been a huge asset to this team, and we want to offer you a permanent position. You’ll be making $70,000 a year, have full benefits, and be working in a similar capacity as you have been in the temporary position.” $70,000

Dare to Dream – Secret #3

“If you really knew me…” The words nearly got stuck in my throat. It was one week after I had manifested the Secret Teacher into my life, and I’d walked into her workshop that morning super excited to experience her work. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to tell her about the message I’ve