When the Story Hits the Fan, You Need More than a Wipey…Try This!

You know what I’m talking about.

You’ve been thereright?

You were inspired with an idea about how you could 
change your life, or maybe even the lives of others.
You told everyone how excited you were.
You jumped into action with both feet.
You started to create some magic.
You began to make a difference.
You felt comfortable in your skin…
maybe for the first time ever.

It was like you had stepped into a new reality


One where you seemed to be able to bend the rules of the matrix.

And then it happened…
The story hit the fan.

And it wasn’t just any old stinky story –
it was THE perfect one to make you doubt everything.

Your vision.
Your worth.
Your capacity. 
Your truth.
Your sanity.

Maybe it was

A health story, and you felt symptoms you haven’t experienced in years.
A relationship story, and a character you love suddenly 
began acting more like a villain.
A financial story, and your savings suddenly disappeared.

What do you do when the “story” hits the fan?

Do you duck and run for cover,
and pretend that you don’t have any of it on your face?
Do you sling that “story” at someone you love, 
or try to make a pretty painting on the wall with it?
Do you plop yourself down, roll around, and get stuck in it?
Obviously, these are all extreme examples 
written by someone who has helped raised many babies, 
but I think you get the point:
We all have a default response to a story-on-fan moment,
and being aware of it and being able to laugh at it is half the battle. 🙂

Next timetry this and let me know how it works for you

Get Curious about that Smelly Story: “Whose story is this?”
Yes, everyone’s “story” has its own unique odor, doesn’t it?

If it’s someone else’s, then try this: 

“Ummmm…I think this is yours. I love you and I would love it if you would clean this up…quick. It stinks.” 
And then hand it back to them with all of the love and compassion you can muster. 

[Remember: If they are close to you, chances are that your BIG CHANGES are mirroring their need to create change for themselves. It’s not your fault that their ego is feeling a little threatened, of course, but remembering this at least makes it a little easier to not take it personally and get to some compassion quickly. No one loves other people pointing out their “story,” and it’s always nice to not draw too much attention or scrunch your nose up too hard.]

If that “story” is yours, then it’s time to enlist something stronger than a wipey to clean it up.

Compassionate Curiosity: “Where did this story start? Why/How is it being challenged by my new endeavor and action? What stinky lie has been collecting and constipating me for so long that it finally made a mess in my life?”

Unconditional Safety: “What would make me feel safe enough to face this sh*t head on and re-script and re-write this story? Do I need allies, mentors, therapists, support groups? Do I need more time in nature, in meditation, or in a yoga class?”

ClearStory-Owning Action: “What is the first step [new script? new behavior?] toward making myself safe and cleaning this mess up? Is it getting quiet and listening to my intuition? Is it calling a friend? Is it hiring a mentor?”

Try these out the next time the story hits the fan and let me know how it goes.
As always, I’d love to hear from you.

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