What if…

“What if you didn’t have to compromise? What if what your market needs is exactly what you want to give them? And if certain people don’t like it, they’re not really your target?”

I was met with silence, and I knew why. I had to take a minute to process it too.

Hmmm…I have heard this coming out of my mouth a lot lately. What does it mean for me? Where am I compromising?

Two weeks later, I get an excited text from another messenger. “Oh my gosh. I was asking God for direction, and He told me to look in the PennySaver. Really? What I found there made me weep. It was an ad for a job in an organization that is doing some of the work I had always longed to do. But I had forgotten those dreams: the charter school, the after-school program, the…”

Again, before I could think, my fingers texted back, “What if God intends to give you ALL of the desires of your heart?”

Mmmm…what if…? What if God desires to give me all of the desires of my heart?

This has become such a constant conversation and revelation to me:

When we uncover our purpose and our message, and choose to become
True to Intention (with the message and in ourselves),
we don’t have to live in the illusion of “either/or” anymore.

This has completely shifted the way I view life, my business, other people, and the way I’m making decisions because I realized how deeply programmed I was to believe in sacrifice: “In order to do this, you are going to have to give that up. In order to make the Big Guy in the Sky happy, you have give up what you want.”

Oh my goodness…what if that isn’t true?!? What if God is TRYING to give me all of the desires of my heart, but my “Sacrifice Mentality” is keeping it from getting to me? That’s the mentality I was fighting against when I was inspired to add the Dare to Dream and Dare to YES events. Everyone said, “You can’t do that. You’ll dilute your Message Platform. You have to choose.” But I couldn’t. The Voice said, “No one else is doing this work. I’m calling YOU.” Knowing what happens when I ignore inspiration and guidance, I chose to trust, and the outcome was an amazing event in July.

Last week, I came face-to-face with the same question that first messenger asked me during the training, How do I grow the business so that I can continue to serve clients with the same level of commitment and not compromise what I know I am meant to deliver?

Having spent some time watching this industry, I have noticed that most people grow their businesses by taking themselves out of it. They don’t do the ‘grunt work’ anymore – they hire people to do that.

Well, I don’t want to do that. It’s not like I want to do everything in the business. I’m clear that there are some processes I need to create and some tasks that I could easily hand off to the team. And I am…

But I’m talking about the message, and that is no small enterprise anymore.

It’s not just getting them to uncover, develop, brand, and write the message; now we are helping them design and produce the book, launch with branded materials and website, and lay a foundation for the business of sharing the message. I am literally holding their hand the whole way through the process. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When I asked my coach and several of my clients last week, “how do I do this — continue to over-deliver and grow?” they quickly answered, “Charge what it’s really worth.”


“Amanda, working with you is full immersion. It’s a journey, and I know I can call or text you at any time of day with a question or in the middle of a breakdown. That’s invaluable. You’re not charging enough.”

Hmmm…what if I could have all of the desires of my heart? To be able to serve people and hold their hands through the whole process AND allow me to be financially responsible to myself and my business?


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