What breaks your heart?

Three hands shot up, almost before I had finished the question.

Ursula, Karie, and Pastor Tami are all connected to their dreams!

I know THAT! But what about everyone else? That’s it? Just three hands?

Shocked, I searched the faces in the room, looking into the eyes of those close to the stage, and my heart broke.

Mmmmmm…I remember that pain, that disconnect, that exhaustion, that longing for something more…And the guilt of wanting more – like somehow I was saying that my beautiful son and husband and my budding career wasn’t enough. I remember…

“Five years ago, I literally turned around and ran when my mentor nonchalantly asked me two questions like the ones I just asked you, ‘When are you going to write your book? What value do you have to give the world today?’ I was her star mentor teacher, and she was convinced that I was a genius…going places. But when she asked me about the value I had to give to the world, I fell apart and ran for my car…”

“What she didn’t know when she asked me such simple questions was that I only LOOKED like I had it all together. Sure, I was achieving and producing results, and my students loved me. But behind the plastic smile, I was so unhappy, disconnected, unsure of my future…”

The room was silent as I continued.

“She didn’t know that I was emotionally, financially, and spiritually bankrupt. I was so disconnected from my true worth that when she asked me what value I had to give to the world, I had to keep myself from screaming, ‘Nothing! I don’t have anything to give! I’m broken and tired. And I’m only twenty-seven!’”

Some people in the room nodded their heads in understanding.

“But something else happened to me when she asked that question.”

Some of the audience members leaned forward in their seats.

“I uncovered it… The value I had to give to the world came up through the tears I cried on that long drive home. And by the time I pulled into my driveway, I knew my purpose, my message, and had mentally outlined the series of books I knew would change the world…”

I continued to share my story of how clarifying and connecting with my value, purpose, and message allowed me to attract a Secret Teacher, heal my life, and manifest my Divine Intention (True to Intention – that one Divine had in mind for me all along!).

I could see a few tears falling in the room…

My intention for the presentation was to show the room how a clear message and a deep knowing of purpose completely transforms our lives, so I shared a few of the questions that I have used with my clients to uncover the message and purpose.

When I asked them the question “What makes you angry?”, I shared with them how furious I feel when I see an unaware mom shaming and crushing her child’s spirit with limiting messages. (“You are such a brat,” “What’s wrong with you?”, etc.)

I asked them to share their answers with someone at their table, and the energy in the room became intense.

And then I asked them, “What breaks your heart?”

“The pain I feel when I see moms limiting their children is intense. It’s like something rises up in me to do something about it.”

As I watched them share with their partners, I thought…

Today, MY answer to that question is expanded…and with it, my understanding of my purpose…

Seeing beautiful souls, with so much worth, feeling so disconnected…when it’s so possible and so easy for them to reconnect and live a life True to Divine Intention. It pisses me off AND breaks my heart. I know it’s part of my purpose…

Many people came up after the conference and thanked me, sharing that they wanted to know why they feel so darn restless. And then they tried to talk themselves out of it. “My life isn’t bad. I just feel like there’s something else. I feel restless, and I can’t figure it out. Shouldn’t I just be grateful and leave it?”

“Of course you should be grateful…but can you leave it? What if that Something calling you from within is trying to take your already good life and make it something way beyond your wildest dreams? What if Divine is TRYING to give you all of the desires of your heart?”


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