Are you an Upside-Down Hero?

a soul who knows you are here to live a better story but feels like you are trapped in a "Groundhog Day" plot line that is costing you precious resources, relationships, and sanity...

After 10 years...

of helping people share their stories on pages and stages,
I have uncovered a simple, profound way to facilitate the journey
of facing, shifting, and even healing an old st*ry.

If you are ready to dive in...


Rewire Your Story Matrix Program

Devote one, six, or twelve months to using the power of story, writing, and allies to change plotlines full of drama and pain.

(Check out the levels of engagement.)


Healing Through Fiction

Dedicate six months to writing your novel with the intention to heal your story and the support of a community and guide.

(Check out the levels of engagement.)

If you prefer to wade in...


21-Day Quest: From Character to Co-Author

Learn a powerful story-healing framework and shift a particular story with the support of allies and a guide.

(Online Prompts and Weekly LIVE Connections)


90-Day Quest: Write to Right the World

Unearth and transform the disempowering stories you’ve assimilated that keep you from stepping into heroic leadership.

(Online Prompts and Weekly LIVE Connections)


Journey Through A Religion of Story

Process your own st*ff around the seven themes we use to cultivate character and preserve freedom before engaging them with your children.

(Seven 2-Hour Online Workshops)

If you want to dip your toes in...


From F-U to Breakthrough: Craft a Better Story Loop

Discover a new, simple, and surprisingly powerful way to shift your story.

(2-Hour Online Workshop)


Saved By Story Club

Uncover hidden treasures in your favorite stories and enjoy more fun, accountability, and healing in community.

(1-Hour Monthly Online)

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