For the last 10 years, I've been working alongside messengers at all different stages -- Aspiring, Emerging, and Seasoned.

And you know what I’ve learned?

It doesn't matter what stage a change agent is in, 
they are operating inside of what I call The Messenger Matrix.

You know The Matrix, right?

That epic sci-fi movie series that helped wake a whole generation up to the possibility [fact, ahem] that things are not as they appear, and that we have simply subscribed to a set of beliefs and st*ries that are just an illusion.

Yeah, that one.

So after 10 years of hanging out with messengers in all stages,
in multiple roles of support, AND being on the messenger path myself, here is what I have come to believe:

There is something called The Messenger Matrix, and the moment we recognize the message we are here to share with the world and make the decision to become a messenger, we are somehow automatically subscribed to the set of beliefs and st*ries that form “The Rules of the Messenger World."

It may sound a little woo, but it’s not.

In fact, cutting-edge research in neurobiology is showing us just how much information we take in without conscious awareness or consent. Just think about the sheet number of words and behaviors that you picked up and have carried forward from your parents. Those words and behaviors carried with them assumptions, stories, and beliefs that you naturally just assumed… because… well, you weren’t exactly encouraged to question them, right? Not only did they become the lens through which you see the world, but they also formed your ideas of the “rules of language, behavior, and life.”

Now, think about the last personal or professional development webinar or seminar you attended.

What were some of the beliefs and st*ries that were communicated about how to get your message out, be a powerful change agent, face the challenges that come along the way, and eventually achieve success? Or better yet, what were some of the assumptions, beliefs, and st*ries that were ASSUMED about all of that?

Yeah, now we're talking!

Some of these conditioned “rules” are awesome and help us change the world, in the same way that understanding the rule of gravity keeps us from walking into dangerous situations.


Some of them are slowly and unconsciously sabotaging the
lives of many of the aspiring
, emerging, and seasoned authors,
, coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs of the world.

My heart breaks a little more every time I talk to a messenger who working hard to move their message forward and change the world, but feeling like an absolute failure… or worse...

Too many of us are losing our physical health, our relationships,
our sanity
, and our souls to this Messenger Matrix,
and I cannot stand by and be quiet about it anymore.

Five years ago, Ruben's words [CLICK HERE to read the story] forced a massive paradigm shift for me and woke me up from my experience of The Messenger Matrix of Impact and Success.

I will be forever grateful to him because, if he hadn't challenged the beliefs I'd subscribed to through conditioning from my home, my religion, my culture, and the personal and professional development industry, I may not be here today.

And now, having just finished my second book, Upside-Down Messenger, I'm on another journey of redefining success for myself.

Hello? When did I subscribe to some of these ridiculous rules of personal and professional success and impact?

So... enough already!

I know for sure that part of the reason I'm here, and in this business, is to wake people up from The Messenger Matrix—or at least give them the opportunity to choose the RED pill if they want to.

And I know with even more certainty that this is a never-ending process of waking up to the more and more hidden and subtle beliefs, st*ries, and rules that are keeping us from becoming badass messengers and change agents like Neo.

You ready?

I'm inviting you to join me for a series of video interview with colleagues, experts, and former clients that have woken up from The Messenger Matrix—to listen to their stories and learn from their heroes' journeys. To me, it’s necessary to pay careful attention to what they did right, but even more attention to what they missed and why they missed it.

Despite the challenges, I've watched many of these people radically change their lives and create massive impact in the world; and I'm just as excited to learn from them as I am to share them with you!

You ready to wake up from The Messenger Matrix, and maybe figure out what has been keeping you from that next level of success and life you've been working toward?

Join Us

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