"That's what happens when you put the cart before the horse." [Bestseller Quest Starts NOW!]

My gramma always moved fast and was notorious for getting a little ahead of herself.

She’d “get a bug up her butt” [her words] to do one thing—clean a pantry or closet, redecorate a room, or do some gardening—and in no time at all, she found herself in pretty deep.

Not just one pantry or closet—every single drawer in the house.
Not just one room redecorated—but the whole wing.
Not just a little gardening—how about completely new landscaping in the backyard.

No matter the project, there was always a moment when
I would find her sitting with her head in her hands. 

“Gramma, you okay?” I’d look at the piles of clothes, papers, or tools stacked high around her and try to hide my smile.

Shaking her head, she would look up and say, “I did it again. I put the cart before the horse. Well, better get them in some order.” And with that, she would get back to work.


I was reminded of her last week when I was on a Zoom call
with a friend, who was offering feedback on
the bestseller quest page I’ve been developing. 

“Amanda, when did you write a book?” Her eyes were wide with wonder.

“Oh, I haven’t written it yet.” I smiled.

“What? You’re promoting something you haven’t written?” Wonder turned to concern.

“Ummm…yeah, and a whole bunch of new stuff that I haven’t created yet either.” I joined her in laughing and shaking my head at the insanity of it.


But you know what? 
THIS is what works for me.

And…honestly…life is easier for me and all of my clients when we realize that: 

We get an inspiration and take some action.
And pretty soon, we find ourselves in what looks like a hot mess.
But the process itself is clarifying if we don’t run from it.
If we choose, instead, to make a plan and work one bit of it at a time…
If we keep sorting, tossing, moving it around, and asking for feedback…
Eventually, we find ourselves looking at something completely new 
and often way more awesome than our initial inspiration. 

This is essentially what happened for me in 2017…

In January, I shifted my Message Matrix Retreat from a 3-day to a 7-day experience of clarifying, branding, strategizing, AND getting into the content development. There was a ton of chaos around the details, especially because I did it out of state, but the results blew my mind. Because my clients were able to easily churn out several chapters on site with my help, they went home and promptly finished their books in 30 – 90 days. What?!?!

As I invited others to the next Matrix Retreat, I thought my clients who were struggling through content could benefit from those 3 days of focused content development, immediate feedback, and group support. So, I offered a Momentum Retreat to them. And, of course, the results astounded all of us. Clients who’d been totally stuck were able to write full chapters in a few days! Shocking what 3 days of devotion to a message can do!

During that retreat, I was also able reorganize a client’s content into a powerful, streamlined curriculum experience that would allow her to teach it in 3 different parts at her University. Oh, how I LOVE helping messengers develop powerful experiences for their students/clients that are in alignment with their own sanity and soul requirements!

In August, I created a new workshop for Camp Good Life Project: Write, Publish, and Launch a Powerful Bestseller without Losing Your Sanity or Your Soul. And guess what—amazing results! I loved it so much, I decided to offer it online. 

OMG! Finally, a way for me to support people online the way I like to do it—facilitating an experience that actually gives them immediate clarity and confidence. Next one is January 19th!

In September, I was offered an online TV show to share my message…which launches Monday, January 29th at 12pm PST / 2pm CST. 🙂

CLICK HERE to watch the amazing Intro created by Lionheart Creations, Suit Yourself Productions, and my sweet son and hubby!

In October, I was asked to speak at the Superwoman Summit about “Writing a Better Ending to Your Story,” and just a 45-minute workshop began to shift storylines for the attendees. It confirmed that my desire to pursue more “story work” is in alignment with what people are seeking right now. This led to the commitment to create the From Character to Co-Author online 90-day program in 2018 and then the
21-Day Write Yourself into a Better Story in 2018 Challenge for people to experience the magic of this framework.

In November, I had an opportunity to offer a 4-hour workshop and added the Dispel Book + Publishing Myths and Create an Eyes-Wide-Open Plan content to the other workshop. Again, so powerful and fun!

And in December, I was invited to facilitate an online workshop for the Be U Summit: Alchemize Your Story and Expertise. I spent 45 minutes delivering one of the most exciting workshops I’ve ever delivered. 

So…how about one more online workshop for those who are ready to talk message structure and organization?
Honestly…there were dozens of days where I am certain I looked JUST like my gramma. Face in hands, wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. 
But look!!!
At the end of the year…
I had tons of AWESOME new offerings…
that get faster results that I’ve been able to facilitate before…
and allow me to support MORE people at MORE levels…

But where will I start?  

Oh, I know!

How about that BESTSELLER QUEST?!?!?!

That’s right…why not throw a new book on top of it too? 🙂
Come on, you knew that was coming, right?

So, basically, here’s how
The Bestseller Quest works:

I write a book about the down-and-dirty, magical and messy quest of becoming a mindful messenger.

I ask for your support in getting the message out to those who need it. I bet you can think of at least 5 people right now who have been saying they want to write a book, or become a speaker, or start a coaching business…but they’re stuck, frustrated, and disappointed in their lack of progress.

In exchange for your support, I GIVE YOU AMAZING DISCOUNTS +BONUSES to the all of the programs above….worth double, triple, and sometimes quadruple what you agree to pay in book purchases.

We journey together and develop our wings for the next flight!

“What’s the first step?”

I’m glad you asked!

Check out this Video that Alyssa Coelho from Lionheart Creations 
developed for The Bestseller Quest…
[psst, she designed ALL of the amazing graphics you see in this email too!]

If that gets you excited, head over to the
Bestseller Quest Page 
for details on how we can journey together…
And then schedule some time with me
[the schedule button is on the page]
to make sure you choose the right next step/offering for where you are at.

I want YOU to win this year
to live a better story and get your message on the page/stage 
if that’s the quest YOUR SOUL is calling you to make

Cheers to “putting the cart before the horse” and saying YES
to the creative process and the stunning outcomes that await us!


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