Storytelling Hacks

After a decade of being told I was a gifted writer, one high school English teacher’s comments dashed my hopes of pursuing a career in that arena. While the university honors program taught me how to organize my thoughts, it failed to show me how to connect with my audience’s hearts. 

All my world-changing ideas meant nothing without this capacity.

I struggled to connect with my audiences.
I felt like my writing and speaking was flat, boring, and uninspiring.
I wished it was easier to inspire more impact.

Fortunately, I had a few great mentors who taught me how to connect with people from stages, and I quickly began to translate and expand on all of those lessons to pages to help my clients capture their audience’s attention and hearts and even facilitate transformation.

What I didn't know was how these skills would create portals of healing
for those of us writing as well as those listening and reading.

If you want to dramatically improve your writing and storytelling skills
and become a more powerful change agent, come join us!

November 14th
@ 10 am 12 pm PST

Your Investment: $50
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