Sarah Ann Parker


Nineteen-year-old Kate Murphy's world shattered the night her innocence was stolen in a back alley. Forced into exile with only a few supplies, a pinto mare, and a Winchester rifle, she found herself in unknown territory.

It wasn't long before Kate realized she was doomed to a life of loneliness and shame as her hatred and bitterness grew.

Closer and closer to the edges of her own darkness and despair, Kate could never have guessed that grace and redemption would find her through a sudden storm and serendipitous meetings with a curious cowboy, a Navajo woman, and a baby who stole her heart.

Rainbow Trail is a powerful story of a young woman and a native culture in a restored nation as they navigate horrifying circumstances-proof that the human spirit will always find a way.




"It took over thirty years to write my first novel. It began after my third child’s birth and then I picked it up again twenty-five years later. The act of writing and working with my readers to complete the story and work out the kinks was creative and educational, but I found that once it was ‘finished,’ I could not move forward. That’s when I met Amanda Johnson and learned about her company, True to Intention.

I asked her to midwife the next steps in the process. I would never have received a contract with Austin Macauley Publishers without Amanda Johnson's patient and focused guidance. Someone once told me that no one remembers the midwife in a delivery process. Well, that's just not true. I will always be thankful for the clear, focused care Amanda provided towards this eventual birth. She will be my midwife for all future books I write. She is trustworthy and professional and she knows writers, the writing process, and the industry.”

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