Sandy Cappelli

After deepening her faith through the difficult and confusing journey of infertility and In Vitro Fertilization, Sandy Cappelli found herself face-to-face with an unimaginable choice and an ultimate test of her beliefs: Do I trust that God has a plan for this child whom the doctors say is undoubtedly destined to die within hours of his birth, or do I save myself and my family from such a tragedy? With a promise from God and previous miracles to hang onto, Sandy made her decision and followed His prompting to write her story as it transpired.

Overwhelmed with the weight of her calling, Sandy begged God for answers to the questions we all ask when faced with doubt, pain, and loss:

What IS God’s promise, and how can we be sure we have understood it?

Is the pain a part of The Plan, or it just a test of our faith?

What good could possibly come from such loss?

When the revelation came, Sandy knew her life would never be the same and is sharing her story to inspire you to reconsider His promise, ask Him the questions you’ve wanted to ask, and allow Him to show you the ripples you can make, not in spite of, but because of, the pain and loss you have experienced.


“True to Intention helped me finally get my book, Because of A Promise, published. I‘d written the story over 10 years prior, but did not know how to publish, and didn’t have the confidence to share my story with the world. After talking with Amanda, I knew it was time to move forward. The True to Intention Team helped me with the editing, design, and manuscript coaching that gave me the confidence to move forward with the publishing process. They helped me with everything from adding the details to the story to make the reader’s experience more powerful to executing the logistics of publishing, which had been very intimidating up to that point, and supporting me with my Bestseller Campaign.

Most importantly, the book is truly changing the lives of readers and has positioned me to bring more awareness and support to our non-profit and launch my own brand as a speaker and author.”

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