New Rewire Your Story Matrix

If you are here, chances are that you feel a little like...


Phil in Groundhog Day...

Why am I stuck in this setting with characters I don’t like?
Why are the same horrible days on REPEAT, no matter what I do to change them?

Or maybe you feel like Thomas Anderson in The Matrix...

I know there is more to this life than what I am seeing.
I can’t explain it, but I can feel it. I’ve felt it my entire life.
There is something wrong and I have to figure it out.

Maybe you know you're the Neo in your matrix, but you cannot figure out how to download the right programs, so you can do that really cool move and stop the "bullets" from hitting you again...

We dream of becoming game-changing heroes and heroines
in our homes, offices, communities, and countries.

We’ve acquired and honed unique superpowers to stop the villains
and make the world a better, safer place for all.

We realize we are surrounded by allies and mentors
who would immediately rally to a collective cause.

And yet...

We hesitate. We doubt. We procrastinate.

We say YES when we should say NO, and NO when we should say YES.

We knock our heads against our desk as we face
the same plot twist and characters over and over.

We wonder if we will ever do the things we know we are here to do
in our homes, offices, communities, and countries.

Why, after all of this personal development and energy work,
are we still facing the same damn STORY MATRIX?

What if you could HEAL A ST*RY
in less than six months,
three months,
or even 21 days?

What if you could start that journey today,
with someone who has walked it herself?

The moment my message hit me was AWE-INSPIRING.

The magical synchronicities that followed were GLORIOUS.

as plot twists led to me launching a message-driven business
and helping others do the same,
and eventually writing, publishing, and launching
a book as a bestseller in less than 3 months.


Well, EXCEPT for…

The recurring plot twists and villains.

The financial wipe-outs.

The unhinged relationships.

The major health crisis.

Yeah, except for all that.

In 2013, I made the decision to stop accelerating my dream. I had enough evidence to see that if I did, I would lose everything important to me.

So, I started my st*ry-healing quest with...

  • tools and skills I had already acquired over six years in transformational work
  • additional superpowers of mentors and allies who showed up along the way
  • the epic stories that fell into my lap

It took me two years of searching before my Morpheus showed up and helped me see the truth of the st*ry matrix I was living in.

But it only took me a few months to heal enough of it that I could remove myself from the plot line I’d been GIVEN three decades earlier and begin to write my own story.

Goodbye, villains and the generational curses and spells that held all of us hostage.

Hello, newer and truer story for me and my family, friends, and eventually clients.

My storyline has improved,
my superpowers and band of allies have expanded,
and my faith in the Co-Author of my story has been deepened.

I want the same for YOU.

screen_shot_2018-04-16_at_3.27.51_pm (1)

Welcome to the...
Rewire Your St*ry Matrix Programs

One morning, a full year after my Morpheus woke me up and showed me the matrix,
my Co-Author woke me up and downloaded a Story-focal st*ry-healing framework
to help others stop struggling as the Character in their story and become the heroic Co-Author of it.

When I began sharing the framework, I was stunned at the results.

I’ve seen people shift decades-old st*ries in as little as 21 days.

Over the last few years, I've shifted most of my st*ry-healing coaching into writing quests and retreats because well...

It's just more powerful and effective when you give yourself your own answers and look up to see your allies nodding and ready to help you make those final connections.

I invite heroes to play at 1 of 3 levels.

In other words, you choose the time-commitment and amount of support that feels right to you.
And yes, of course these are Matrix branded, only instead of pills… we speak CHOCOLATE!

Rewire Your Story Grid

As you can see, the DARK CHOCOLATE program is the most comprehensive. In one year, you will have enough time to dive deep to core st*ries that are recreating the same st*ry traps in your relationships, health, financial well-being, and even your spiritual connection.

The MILK CHOCOLATE program will give you enough time away and space to learn the framework, take it home, practice embodying it, and experience immediate coaching and feedback as you face the challenges that always arise when you try to rewire a st*ry matrix that affects other characters in your story.

The WHITE CHOCOLATE program is going to give you enough of the framework and embodiment that you can shift one story.

Some Details!

Revise Your St*ry Matrix: 3 hours. Via Zoom. Group Experience.
Begin to identify the st*ries that are keeping you stuck and learn some strategies to shift them quickly.

21-Day Quest From Character to Co-Author: Group Experience via Zoom and CocoonU.
Learn a powerful, in-our-DNA approach to st*ry-healing that will help you heal/rewire your body, mind, and soul.

90-Day Quest: Write to Right the World: Group Experience via Zoom and CocoonU. Unearth and transform the disempowering stories you've assimilated that keep you from stepping into heroic leadership. We travel together through 7 core themes that are vital to becoming a heroic leader.

40-Day Quest From Contract to Consent: Begin to renegotiate the unconscious contracts keeping you stuck in the roles you no longer want to play.

3-Day Retreat[s]: You and me and up to 23 other messengers in a cabin/retreat center near Sedona, AZ.
Think slumber party where, in addition to enjoying the movies, yummy food, and giggles, we also witness each other heal st*ries that have been keeping us from stepping fully and unapologetically into our purpose.

Saved By Story Club.
It’s like a book club, but we will engage and discuss movies, tv shows, and other storytelling media with the intention of uncovering hidden treasures in the stories that will help us co-author better personal and collective stories in a community where we can experience deeper engagement, accountability, and healing.

Monthly Group Cocoon Sessions: 1 hour. Via Zoom. Group Experience.
The months where we don’t meet in a retreat setting, we’ll meet online to celebrate our wins and ask for/receive support to stay the course. This work is not for the faint-hearted, but I’m telling you it’s easier than not doing it.

Monthly Innerlight Sessions: 1 hour. Via Zoom. Group Experience.
Every month, you’ll be invited to join us for a group Innerlight session. This energy balancing modality has been accelerating my own personal healing and transformation, and moving my clients through theirs faster than I could have dreamed possible.

Unlimited 15-minute SOS Calls and Emails. Because it’s not for the faint-hearted. Because you will be clear and excited. And then you’ll be upside-down. And you’ll need a reminder that it’s okay to be where you are, and maybe some support in figuring out the next right step.

Beautiful accommodations and delicious food are included for all of the retreats.
The only additional investment is whatever it takes for you to get to Prescott or Sedona, AZ.

If the Rewire Your Story Matrix Program feels like an answer to your prayers,
schedule some time with me to chat
and make sure this is the best next step for you.

Because I devote so much time to each client and message,
I'm able to work with
ONLY 12 Seekers this year,
so if you're feeling the tug, or you have questions...

If you have a st*ry that needs some love…
If you are willing to do the work…
If you know this is your year to start…

Then schedule a chat with me and let’s see what’s possible.

My intention in those 30 minutes is to help you create a plan that works for YOU.

That might look like me recommending one of these programs to you, but it could also look like me encouraging you to focus on something else in your life before you jump into this experience.

I want you to enjoy your epic journey.

What Participants are Saying about
The St*ry Healing Work


"To say that this quest has changed my life is not an understatementI've gotten more out of it than I could ever have imagined. The layers I've been able to uncover in the container of the community that Amanda has created have been more impactful than anything I got out of years of therapy...
Not only have I learned a lot about myself, but I've started to heal old wounds and break old patterns along the way.
My sister and I signed up for this quest together; and though we were pretty close before we started it, the themes we've explored and the responses we've shared with new levels of vulnerability have allowed us to learn things about each other we never knew and hold each other with greater love and empathy than we ever have before."


Founder, Roots in the Clouds

"After all of the writing, processing, and balancing, I am left thinking more positively about the future, feeling restored to factory settings, acting braver of all fronts, and spending more time marinating in my authentic self. I find myself blessed to be recovering from the weighty anchors of perfectionism and control.

The work in this quest is real, raging-fire-burning work, that helped me to rediscover myselfa renewed sense of purpose and stronger voice along with genuine connectedness to others. With the foundation that only a painfully-sweet journey can build, I feel ready for whatever is next. My world is 'righting' itself with regard to my marriage, my children, friends, colleagues, and an exciting shift in my flourishing career."


Entrepreneur, Child Advocate, Wife & Mother
2017-300x300- Kajal Dhabalia-01 copy

"Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this questbut it has hands down been one of the most therapeutic writing groups I've ever been in. The daily prompts are deep and layered, and they all build up each other beautifully. Amanda is an amazing guide at helping one explore the depths of their soul."




"I signed up for this experience based on my intuition. I had attended a workshop with Amanda, in which my mind made a significant shift. It happened so quickly in that hour-long experience that I was intrigued by her method. I was curious and wanted more of those aha’s and mini-breakthroughs to happen. I had spent a year trying to process, uncover, and discover new things about a frustrating and painful story from my childhood so that I could move on. I knew there were even more important things still blocking my view, despite that I had done all of this internal personal work. 

 In 21 days, less actually, I started to see things about the story that my mind just couldn’t see before. I began to make shifts around day 13. And on day 18 another piece of the story surfaced, and I started to feel complete again. I had a fuller understanding of why this story was affecting my life now.

I am glad I jumped into this experience because I was able to work on a painful but significant part of my personal story in a safe space surrounded by supportive people. It’s kind of strange to think that a group of strangers can come together and hold space for one another while you work on very personal and sometimes painful stuff in your life.

Because of this experience, I now can take this framework and prompts and apply them to other stories and see where the story takes me, and what new things I can learn about the characters in my life as well as myself."



"As always, I was reviewing, analyzing, searching for what was blocking me.
I wasn’t sure what the quest was exactly, but I knew that if Amanda was facilitating it,
I would most likely benefit by participating. I was correct in my assumptions.
I liked the daily prompts, the ability to watch again if I needed to, and the pace was perfect for me based
on where I was in my own process. Supporting other people in the group kept me from over-thinking/reacting/focusing on myself. I’m re-energized and have more clarity.

The loss of hope that accompanies immobility has been replaced with
new hope and action plans. I have shifted from fantasy to reality.



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