Renee Frey

What if you could LOVE your Mondays?

Expert headhunter and superhero recruiting guru, Renee Frey, has consolidated fifteen years of helping thousands of people find jobs that make them jump out of bed on Mondays into this short, easy-to-use guide.

In I Hate Mondays, Renee shares the story of one of her most troubled clients, Jennifer, and their process of landing her dream job, including all of the training and tools Renee provided in order to make it possible. You will see exactly how to:

  • Identify a Job that Will Make You Jump Out of Bed
  • Activate Your Confidence with a Killer Resume and Social Media Profiles
  • Land More Interviews and Nail Them
  • Stand Out Above the Other Applicants
  • Negotiate and Accept Job Offers with Confidence
  • Leave Your Current Employer with More Grace and Ease
  • Avoid Repeat Problems at Your Next Employer

If you are ready to stop spending one-third of your life working for an employer that doesn’t value your talents, give you room to grow in your strengths, or pay you what you’re worth, then this book is for you.

Say Goodbye to Sunday-Night Blues and Hello to I LOVE MONDAYS!


“When I found Amanda, I was half-way through the content but having trouble sticking to scheduled time for writing. I wasn’t making the book a priority, but I wanted it to get done. I decided to enlist her support, and I’m glad I did because she came up with the phenomenal idea of weaving a story throughout the chapters. If I hadn’t done that, my book about job searching would have been extremely boring. She also helped me create engaging chapter titles, and we brainstormed the book title until I fell in love with the right one. Amanda kept me on task, and it forced me to write and get it done! She is incredible at what she does! I couldn’t have finished the book with out her. We are able to help so many more people now with this book!”

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