Obsess Much? Maybe this is why…

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl G. Jung

Exhausted to my core after a long week of disrupted sleep and fighting a bug, and working to close out some giant projects on time, I stepped out of my car and shook my head at myself

This is probably the last thing I should be doing right now. I need to just go get the groceries and go home. 

But instead, I walked into Ross.

I’m not even going to get a cart. I’m just gonna hurry and see if they have one... or two. 

Ten minutes later, I juggled eight decorative boxes and a festive pot with the word BELIEVE captured in bold print on it to the checkout stand.

“Wow, you cleaned us out!” the clerk teased lightheartedly. “The prices are just so good on these here, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are,” I responded with a smile as the question still niggled in the back of my mind.

What is with me and the boxes right now?

Truth be told, I had spent quite a bit of time in stores and online looking for decorative boxes that would beautify my office space while providing storage.

Did I need them? Well, not exactly. You see, I’ve been collecting a few here and there for the more than two decades. But last month, something happened.

I haven't even run out of space, but it’s like a compulsive mission to replace ALL of the containers I’ve been carrying around for 25—

That’s when it hit me.

You can’t make this stuff up. Really, you can’t.

When I stepped into the house, I was laughing hard enough at myself that my husband and son stopped and waited for me to share the joke.

“You guys. Am I crazy, or do you think there might be a connection between my recent obsession with finding new containers that are more aligned with my colors and use the space more efficiently and what’s going on in my life and business?”

“You’re definitely crazy,” Aaron answered with a smug smile. One look at his grin told me he had instantly made all of the connections I had been unable to see for an entire month.

The month that had started with: 

  • an unexpected and sizable influx of AMAZING new clients
  • the wrapping up of last details on our SBS partnership agreement and the celebration of already surpassing our goals for the year and a substantial amount of requested proposals for 2023
  • the unforeseen arrival of a project that will likely enable me to reach a national audience with my st*ry-healing work, which also involves traveling, and speaking, and training, and oh my... what else?
  • a desperate search for a retreat center that would allow me to say YES without hesitation to my method for doing my part to do all of the above in alignment with my values

As the Systems Wizard for both businesses, Aaron knew exactly what this container conversation was about.

The “containers” (personal and leadership habits, systems, processes, approaches, locations, team bandwidth, etc.) that have served me well for the last decade are not going to work for what’s already arriving for 2023.

That’s why I’ve been obsessed. This is an externalized mirror of what my soul knows; "It's time to hurry the hell up and get the new [business] containers in place.”

So, I gotta run!

But before I do, I thought I’d ask if anyone else might have some sort of strange compulsion that might be pointing to something of very deep importance that you just haven’t quite seen yet? Is your soul sending you messages that you just haven't been able to grasp?

If you’re not sure, then maybe hanging out with us during our holiday party at the end of this month will help.

Contact me if you want to join us and I'll send you the Zoom room details. 🙂

Holiday 2022
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