The inspiration to share a message hit like a lightning bolt, instantly altering the trajectory of Amanda’s storyline, transporting her to a magical version of her world where anything was possible...

…until it was time for her to get the message out.

Even with years of training and experience in content development, and helping other messengers publish powerful books, talks, and courses, Amanda was unable to move her beloved project forward. Fortunately, she uncovered what was stopping her and got to work on the real issue while she collected the tricks, tools, and team members she would need to eventually write her book in less than three weeks, publish and launch it as an Amazon Bestseller less than two months later, and watch her message dramatically impact lives.

Upside-Down Messenger is Amanda’s raw account of her magical, messy journey from inspiration to impact, designed to help other aspiring authors, speakers, and coaches like you:

  • Understand why you are eating pounds of chocolate, filing papers,
    and cleaning your house instead of moving your message forward
  • Acquire the skills you need to recognize and navigate
    the messy parts of the journey
  • Become the messenger you know you are here to be,
    and finally own your message on the page and the stage

If you have a message that won’t leave you alone, and you know you won’t rest until it’s shared, this book is for you!

What if it could be easier?

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