You've been inspired and begun the journey from Inspiration to Impact.

Non-fiction or fiction, there are moments of easy inspiration when the Muse is close and the Message is clear. These flashes of insight and purpose compel us to continue despite busy work schedules, family and friends who don’t understand creativity, and even the uncertainty of what will become of our creation.

Then, something happens.

A series of small, barely-perceptible events such as brain fog every time you sit at the computer, a terrible sleep the night before your scheduled writing day, or a queasy stomach every time you work on that part of the story. Or perhaps you are one of the “lucky creatives” who, every time you begin working on this passion project, a more challenging and apparently-irrelevant plot twist takes all of your attention: a relationship rupture, a financial disaster, a health crisis, a work situation that only you can fix, or some tornado-like combination of these that makes you wonder if you’ll ever figure out how to get “home.”

From a certain point of view, it appears that this project is much more than you initially imagined it would be. Part of you wants to let it go, and the other part simply cannot. It keeps calling you back, and you know you won’t be able to rest until it’s done. 

As usual, our favorite stories hold the answers!

With the help of our custom-designed Message Map, attendees will play with me at the intersection of Story and Messaging to:

  • interpret the inner journey from Inspiration to Impact
  • recognize the real reasons for writer’s block
  • strategize the Safety required to complete the project


  • identify the invitations in those “unrelated” plot twists


  • fall in love with the project and the process

This workshop will empower you to make the internal shift from a Character inspired to write to a Co-author who intentionally and mindfully works with the creative process to become an embodiment of their message.

It's time to say goodbye to those blocks and use Story to set you free.

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December 12, 2022 @ 10am - 12pm PST

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