Maggie Bain

Strip down. Get honest.

Create an Extraordinary Relationship

Relationship and Intimacy Specialist Maggie Bain slams the textbook shut and pulls back the curtains (and the covers!) to show you the real secrets to deepening intimacy in your relationship. Relatable stories and thought-provoking insights make it easy to identify the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from experiencing the love you deserve.

You will learn how to:

  • Dance the Truth Tango
  • Express Yourself Authentically
  • Create Trust in Your Game of Truths
  • Keep It Fun and Delicious
  • Make Your Relationship Stand the Test of Truth

It’s time to get Truthfully Naked
and create an Extraordinary Relationship!


“I met Amanda in California at Lisa Nichol's ( Google her she is a huge Motivational Speaker) Global Leadership Program. I was living in the Bahamas at the time and was very clear on my goals. At that time Amanda was Lisa's Editor, and on the first day of the program I met her in the Ladies Bathroom, and we connected instantly when she said I needed to rename myself as a Relationship and Intimacy Specialist. Amanda was one of the Speakers that day talking about writing our story. She 'gets it.' She is the 'Branding Queen'!

I started writing with Amanda from the very conception of my book, Love On The Rock: Take Your Love Life from 'Ho-hum' to Extraordinary. She guided me, always pulling me back to my message and brand, she will tell you as it is but not painful in the delivery ..LOL. She sees everything very clearly about your message ( ha!..even if you can't), sees things from the reader's eye and the editor's. She and her team have an impeccable standard in the content, look, feel, and also commercial value. Take a look at my website and Products page where you will be able to see my book. 

Now I have a Rock Solid relationship with Amanda...we know each other...Why would I go anywhere else? For me, it's not just about Price, Celebrity Status...Yes, that is to be considered, but it's the professionalism, quality, and personal connection with my message that is so invaluable. I will always continue to work with Amanda, and in fact, I'm in the process of converting my site to a Membership Website, and so she and I are joined...Forever...”

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