Lori Giesey

Life is full of moments.

The moment she made the decision to go right instead of left. The moment she heard the voice and swerved to miss the oncoming car. The moment the doctor told her she would never be a happy, active wife, mother, and leader in her community again.

Lori’s story is full of moments in which she had to make choices—some of which she had no idea would make the difference between life and death, thriving and surviving, joy or lifelong depression.

A Moment in Time is Lori’s raw, inspiring account of turning a devastating accident into a series of miracles with the power of her choice. Her journey, combined with the powerful prompts for reflection, will show you how to:

  • slow down and listen to the inner voice that is guiding you
  • swerve around and through the obstacles on the road ahead
  • navigate those old pothole-like insecurities and wounds
  • heal your body, mind, and soul with powerful tools
  • get in the drivers’ seat of your life and build momentum toward your dreams

If you are facing a crisis of any kind—health, mid-life, or relationship—this book will remind you of the power YOU have to overcome it and live a great adventure.

Are you ready to turn that “accident” into an opportunity?


For years, I told pieces of my experience with a major car accident, and the many obstacles I faced in the healing process, with those who were struggling or going through a difficult time in hopes that my story would give them the courage to take the necessary steps to overcome the roadblocks they were facing. Each time I shared my journey, the listener would inevitably say, "You should write a book!" I would usually brush this comment off with "Maybe someday" and a noncommittal shrug. 

Writing a book seemed like an arduous process and I had no idea where to begin. However, the more I worked on healing the old stories that were holding me back personally, the more intense the promptings became. It seemed that writing a book was exactly what Heavenly Father was inviting and encouraging me to do. After talking with my coach and another author, I created an outline and set out on the journey of "telling my story." Oh my! What an adventure! 

Every turn I took seemed to lead me along roads filled with potholes or obstacles that sat smack dab in my way, causing me to question my initial inspiration. I had decided to try pushing through the angst and frustration one last time when my mentor introduced me to Amanda. This day was life-changing in a multiplicity of ways. As I listened to Amanda share her story, there was something about her that I felt our hearts connect and I knew she was the one who could help me make my vision a reality.  

I am so glad I decided to work with Amanda. She took my attempts at writing and lovingly led me in the direction I was to travel. This road had many amazing twists and turns and was not without its potholes and obstacles; but with Amanda's expert guidance, we created a roadmap that led to me completing my journey of writing my book and learning more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

The best part is being able to look back at this adventure and see how each curve in the road helped me to develop the strength and courage, insight and awareness, and depth and perception to become more of who I am here to be and to help others along the way. I cannot wait to see what adventure lies ahead and where my next journey will take me!”

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