Kristin Williams

Which ingredient are you missing?

When Kristin Williams found herself facing the challenges every young professional confronts in a new and uncertain industry, she needed more than a degree in Business Management to get by and get ahead. She needed solid advice from someone she could trust. In her toughest moments, she leaned on the lifetime of wisdom her mother had served up alongside delicious meals.

Succeeding beyond everyone’s expectations in sales and management, Kristin quickly became “Aunt Kris” to other young professionals who wanted to succeed but were missing some of the secret ingredients Kristin’s mom had poured into her.

Aunt Kris, Can You Help Me? invites you into these conversations, where you can acquire missing ingredients and cook up your own business and life success. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop Your Personal Brand + Get Noticed
  • Overcome Self-Doubt + Get Unstuck
  • Stand Out as a Leader + Move Up the Ladder

If you are ready to take the lead in your career and life, this is the book for you.

Don’t just get by.

Get the ingredients you need to whip up and savor some real success.


“When I found Amanda, I knew where I wanted to be—I just didn’t know how to get there. I had notebooks of various chapters partially written, as my book had been rolling around in my head and would not leave me alone for over 10 years. A master at time management and focus, I was frustrated that I couldn’t seem to get either skill working around this project. I was all over the place, and friends and family were tired of hearing about “the book.”

Enlisting Amanda’s support was the best decision. Having a partner that not only saw my vision but knew how to get me there was just the support I needed. Her writing matrix is magic for an author struggling with direction; it brought such clarity to my project. In our coaching sessions, Amanda’s ability to ask insightful questions took my thinking to the next level, and I was energized with every amazing “ah-ha” moment.

The best part is the collaboration yielded a much better product. Because of our work together, my message is better, stronger, and more meaningful to my audience. Plus, tapping into Amanda’s quality network to create vehicles (website, books, retreats) has allowed me to fast-track my vision. The reactions of those who know me has been amazing. The validation I have received from people who are only hearing my message now, with no prior personal connection to me, is incredibly gratifying and humbling at the same time. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

I reached out to True To Intention again for support when I felt a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of pushing my course across the finish line on my own. I could have done it, but the level of effort would be large and I didn't want to delay the launch any longer. I had been working on my course for over a year and the last mile just seemed like the longest. I'm thrilled I decided to hire the True To Intention Team because the outcomes are far better than what I could have accomplished on my own. Amanda's delicious branding idea to communicate my core lessons through my love of food and drink, coupled with Alyssa's incomparable graphic design skills, made the brand, the logo, the sales page, the community platform, and the final course all feel aligned with me, my purpose, and my high standards for delivering the best to my clients. Aaron's genius tech-savvy guidance around the best options for the course delivery platform setup was exceeded only by how quickly he put it all together and integrated it with all of the other systems I use. The best part of working with this team is the great communication. I was never left wondering where we were and when tasks would be accomplished. It helps that all of them have a great sense of humor. I can't wait 'til we are all celebrating a successful launch over a savory meal."

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